Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Resurrection Sunday 2013

We were so blessed with a beautiful Easter!  We began our day in worship…followed up by lunch with family…and then the annual Egg Hunt at Grandaddy’s!  (You’ll soon see why this is a much anticipated event each year.) 

We sang Jesus Paid It All at our invitation at the end of worship and the version of it has a chorus that repeats several times that truly stuck with me the rest of the day.  Actually, I’m still walking around singing it.  ;)  To me it summarized perfectly what Jesus’ Resurrection is really all about to those who believe in Him and call Him Saviour…

“Oh praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!”

I just LOVE that!  What a priceless, perfect gift He gave in sacrificing His life for us!  My debt (and it’s a lot y’all) has been paid and death no longer has any grip on me.  Can I get an AMEN!?!?!? 

Here’s a few moments from our day…



This sweet butterfly was found on the cross…I just love that someone put it there unknowing of the smile it would bring to our faces that morning!


IMG_5140-2 IMG_5151

After worship, we went by and paid a visit to Annabelle’s special place…where, Praise God!, we know her little tomb is empty, too!

IMG_5206 IMG_5235 IMG_5242 IMG_5249


I can’t tell you how much I love the above photo!!!  Wyatt used to always pick these for me since there’s an open field in front of Annabelle’s special place that always seems to have them growing.  It’s the sweetest thing to see Luke have this same gentle, loving spirit in him.   Wyatt picked a few, too, but left them for his baby sister.

Finally, we headed to Grandaddy’s for lunch and the Egg Hunt…IMG_5272 IMG_5290 IMG_5304 IMG_5307 IMG_5312

Yep, Grandaddy spoils them!  Wyatt got enough to buy a first baseman’s glove and Luke has no clue what he wants except some more tic tacs!  That’s what grandparents are for! :)

The rest of our day was spent doing just that…resting!  And it was wonderful!!!


Shannon said...

We sang that too and that exact part has been in my mind since. Love that song!!

What's Grandaddy's address? We'll be there next year. :)

The Price Family! said...

Your Church cross is absolutely breath taken. I love the picture of Luke kissing her special place. How precious. It made me think of our love for Jesus. We have never laid eyes on him yet we love him. He has never laid eyes on his sister and yet loves her. Happy Easter precious family.