Monday, February 25, 2013

A Lesson in Opening the Window

Sometimes it’s the hard things…


that make us really appreciate the beauty we’re given…


This afternoon it was just the draw of feeling the cool air on his cheeks and watching the baby birds on the ground feeding that made his little struggle very much worth it. 

Sweet, sweet gifts are ours every single, regular day!

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Nancy @ Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 10 said...

Hi Rebecca! It was so so nice to meet you via blog!
First off... luv luv lvu the window light pics! Oh sweet window light how do I love thee? So wonderful and captures the essence of what's important so naturally!
Second, you inspired me to do a post on low light. It's coming. I commented on your comment on my blog. But wanted to tell you here. And of course drop by and swoon over your sweeties! So lovely!
nancy-of the crazy 9