Thursday, November 08, 2012

Meet the Robertsons’…Halloween 2012

In true country boy fashion, my boys decided to dress as their favorite television brothers from their favorite show Duck Dynasty…Willie & Jase.  We had already purchased the Scooby Doo costume and were on the hunt for Shaggy apparel when Wyatt had the idea for them to be bearded redneck brothers for Halloween.  I loved the idea!  Our family has fallen in love with the show and I knew the costumes would be easy to come by in this house. We already had the camo, duck calls & rain boots.  I just had to get some beards and duck decoys. 

By the way, Jeff Foxworthy’s newest line should be this:  You know you’re raising rednecks when your children’s favorite bathtub toy is a duck decoy!  (Seriously, they’ve had the most fun with them in the tub!  Who knew?!?!)  I’m just hoping they don’t find their way into our pool come springtime! Can you imagine??? NO!

Meet the Robertsons:  Wyatt is Willie and Luke is a beardless Jase.  Something about tying fake hair around his head that he didn’t like? ;)  Oh well…

IMG_8628 IMG_8635 IMG_8643 IMG_8651 IMG_8654 IMG_8658 IMG_8679 IMG_8684 IMG_8698 IMG_8718 IMG_8734

Photo bombed by Daddy! HA!  I seriously took like 6 pictures of Grandaddy with the boys and Scott managed to photo bomb ALL of them!  Turkey!

Speaking of turkey…someone is ready for Thanksgiving!  My aunt is cooking again and I need to lose at least 5 pounds before then to offset what I’ll surely gain in one day!  Isn’t good country homecooking one of the best things in this world?  She cooks just like my Grandma did and there is nothing like it in this world! :)

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