Tuesday, October 16, 2012

3-ish Year Old Pics

I finally decided to make good use of the one on one time I have every Tuesday morning with Luke and get his 3 year old pictures done.  Well, close enough anyhow…we’ll not even discuss his baby book that remains empty. (Third child!)

We kept it casual and headed to my alma mater’s beloved Horseshoe for a little fun since we are full swing into football season now.

Luke, however, wanted nothing to do with me or my camera.  His only interest was breaking into the giant pack of Smarties when we were done.  He saw them as I was pulling my camera out and threw a pretty good fit to get to hold them throughout the entire photo session.  Oh well…I thought they were quite fitting for him and his mega sweet tooth (& they reminded me of another sweetheart the entire time that’s dancing with my girl in Heaven).  So, the Smarties stayed & I did the best I could to catch his attention while he watched the college kids the entire time.  At least the photographer was cheap! ;)

IMG_7362-2 copy IMG_7432 copy IMG_7433-2 copy

IMG_7033-2 copy IMG_7082-2 copy IMG_7088 copy IMG_7113 copy IMG_7178-2 copy IMG_7319 copy


Dena said...

PRECIOUS....I am sitting here looking at a picture of William on our table he may have been 2 and he's holding a nintendo game (made him smile) - whatever gets the sweet smile I say!

The B Family said...

Love it! Definitely have to pick our battles carefully these days and I could care less if he had candy if I could get a few pictures! :)