Tuesday, August 21, 2012


How is it even possible that our third sweet baby is 3!  As one would guess, my indecisive used to be 2 year old changed his mind yet again on the theme for his 3rd birthday party.  He decided after seeing the bugs & butterflies invitation that I had created with clipart that he would rather have a choo-choo party.  So, I quickly made up another printable invitation with a train and mailed them out before he had a chance to change his mind a third time. ;)

We went with the rule of only having the # of children per age that we’d heard about for so long but never followed.  So, Luke invited his friends Mary Kate & Austin.  

This was by far the easiest and most enjoyable party yet!  The day truly was all about the birthday boy and just letting him enjoy it without being too overwhelmed with anything.   Mommy was also not overwhelmed and didn’t do anything more to prepare than washing some grapes & picking up yummy treats that others lovingly slaved over.  ;)  I’d been up to my neck in curriculum for our new school year so having an easy pool party was perfect for us all.  We swam and played and ate when he wanted to and opened presents when he was interested and then did it all again.  Absolutely no planned agenda (which is so not like me) but absolutely wonderful! 

Wyatt had another friend’s birthday party later that evening.  So, after we dropped him off for that party Scott and I took Luke on a date to a yogurt shop where he chose pomegranate yogurt topped with sprinkles, gummy bears, cherries & oreos.   A three year old’s dream come true! ;)

What a gift these three years have been!  I don’t take one moment of it for granted.  I never thought I’d ever get to experience this again after Annabelle passed and cherish every precious second with my boys.  I always say that each stage is my favorite when I’m in it but I really think I am loving this tantrum filled stage the most.  The things that Luke says just melt me…his little way of speaking…his curiosity…his pure joy…his light. 

Thank you, Jesus, for this sweet & wild, strawberry blonde curly headed baby boy! 


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Bless his heart, he was so excited over Grandaddy getting him this “bike”.  All the child asked for was a bike and an air filter.  :)  He is quite easy to please!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Luke Graham!  May this year be even sweeter than the last!


Shannon said...

Happy birthday, Luke! Looks like you had a fabulous party! :)

A bike and an air filter. Ha! Love it!

Unknown said...

I cannot believe he is THREE! Such a cutie! The party sounds perfect! You look great, too! Your hair is so long! I'm trying hard to grow mine out! :)

Dena said...

Happy Birthday!! what a fun party! LOVE the new bike!