Thursday, February 23, 2012


I feel like such a bad mommy even admitting to this…but, today was Luke’s first ever trip to the zoo!  (Unless there’s one time that I’ve totally forgotten about when he was still a little nursing infant that would have had no clue we were even in a zoo to begin with.)  Today reminded me of why I loved taking Wyatt at this age so often.  :)

A precious friend asked me about us taking our boys together and I jumped on it!  To have planned this over a week ago, the weather couldn’t have cooperated more perfectly…80 degrees and sunny! 

Luke didn’t know what to think at first and stayed quite content in his stroller.  I think he was trying to make sure it was safe and that all the animals weren’t going to get him first. 

IMG_2798 IMG_2799

But, once I got him out at the penguins’…there was no chance of him getting back in!  Thankfully, he has a wonderful big brother that loves to lead him around and take care of him. ;)

IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2864

Wyatt also serves as an excellent tour guide…he loved keeping us on course according to the map and reading all about each exhibit!


Did you know that the giraffe’s tongue is purple to serve as protection from the sun?  Yep, God’s own built in sunblock for them!  They also eat very expensive lettuce, too.  (I never knew five shreds of romaine cost so much!)  Wyatt loved feeding Isabelle. :) 

IMG_2815 IMG_2817

Now, the baby is napping and Bubba is fishing at the neighbor’s pond with Grandaddy.  Days like today give me spring fever for sure!

IMG_2844 IMG_2873 IMG_2875

I think Little Bear enjoyed his first trip to the Zoo!!!  We’ll be back soon, I’m sure!

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