Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Jesse Tree Tradition

After seeing so many Advent posts, I figured I’d better share a little something we love in our home!  I am not one for Advent Calendars…unless it involves chocolate daily (which both of the boys have and ask for immediately following breakfast).  ;)

So, something we are doing in our home during this Advent Season is a Jesse Tree.  Basically, each day of Advent we are tracing the lineage of Jesus beginning with Creation.  There is a scripture passage that we read each night that corresponds with that day’s person in the lineage.  The boys color an ornament that symbolizes what we have studied that day.  It makes for a great history lesson and, most importantly, keeps our focus on Christ. 

There are lots of great free printables for making your own Jesse Tree.  I wanted to keep ours simple for the boys this year so I chose this one to use.  Here’s the link to the website where I got the one we are using:   Jesse Tree Printable Link


IMG_0969 IMG_0973

I like to number them in order with what we have studied that day on the back.  And, of course, add their name and year on it for keepsake!

IMG_0975 IMG_0976

And here’s another one of our traditions…not nearly as meaningful as our Jesse Tree but fun, nonetheless! :)



The Hardy Family said...

That is so neat, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing that!! I will check out the link you posted!!

Dena said...

what a great idea!

i caught up on a few of the posts the boys are just precious!