Saturday, September 03, 2011

Little Fish

We have been soaking up the last of summer in the pool just about every afternoon these last few days.


Hard to believe that it’s almost fall (especially when it was nearly 100 degrees yesterday).


Both of the boys have earned their gills this summer.  Luke jumps off into the deep end without a second thought and kicks his little way right to the ladder.


He began the summer by learning to hold his breath when he swims but now he’s trying to blow bubbles.


Being 2 and all,  he’s out of the pool before too long and busy being a big helper.  He loves to help with any and everything these days…he thinks he is big stuff! ;)


I know his daddy is proud to see that Luke puts safety first as he cleans the pool….with safety glasses on, of course.


Now, back to more of soaking up summer while we still can!



*****Thank you, Mandi!*****

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