Monday, August 22, 2011

Luke’s Under the Sea Pool Party!

Little Bear turned TWO on Thursday so we celebrated as usual with a chocolate milkshake from Sonic (which his Daddy ended up eating most of…Luke actually preferred the blue coconut slushy.  Worked out nicely for Scott!)


We had a “small” party on Saturday surrounded by 35 family members and a few friends.   The weather was cloudy all morning but God sent out the sunshine for a beautiful afternoon!

Ok…y’all sure you’re ready?!?!?!  Here’s picture overload!!!

All of the printables came from Dimple Prints on!  Wyatt’s baseball party came from them, too! 

IMG_0006 IMG_0010 IMG_0029 IMG_0032 IMG_0063 IMG_0074 IMG_0084 IMG_0099 IMG_0121 IMG_0123 IMG_0133  IMG_0140

   IMG_0271IMG_0274 IMG_0279

We had a silly photo booth set up to get pictures of all of Luke’s guests.  Some people may get me if I post all of them so I’ll let Wyatt give you an idea of what we had…


Well, okay…and maybe one of my daddy and sister since I know a lot of church family read this and would LOVE to see The Reverend in silly, pink glasses!  Sorry Daddy!


It was so fun and Luke had the best time playing and jumping in the pool!  He is fearless and loves the water so once he got over the “small” crowd he was jumping into the deep end like a wild man and shooting pretty girls with water guns!


Our favorite baker & my choir buddy, Leigh Ann, made the cake once again.  She brought it the night before and Luke kept wanting to “see” it every five minutes all day Saturday leading up to his party.  He was so excited!  He loved having everyone sing to him and at the end of “How Old are You?” he yelled “TWO”!  He also yelled “yay” at the end of Scott’s prayer of thanksgiving for him (which he does after every prayer) and it was so sweet.  He is such a blessing to us!

IMG_0303 IMG_0325

(His new “cheese” face! HA!) We’ve got to work on that!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Luke Graham!!!  We love you more than words & Praise God for the sweet gift you are to our family!


Laura said...

Rebecca, you throw the most beautiful and amazing parties! Happy Birthday to Luke. He is adorable!

Evie's Story said...

Hey big boy...what a talented momma you've got there! Looks SO fun!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Wow! What a PRECIOUS party... well done, Mama! I LOVE the beach balls hanging from the ceiling! It makes me wish I had a child with a summer birthday so I could have a beach party themed birthday party :) Happy, Happy Birthday to Luke... I LOVE seeing these pictures of your family... smiling and happy :)

Shannon said...

So adorable!!! Happy birthday Luke!!

Avery said...

Happy Birthday Luke! Can't believe he's already 2! What a cutie he is!
Hope you're all well..