Friday, July 08, 2011

Toddler Chair Re-do

A precious family in our church leaves on Sunday to fulfill the Lord’s calling in their lives…they are going to be missionaries in Mexico.  Susan & Kris have two beautiful children.  Kris is a linguistics expert (seriously, he speaks like six other languages or something incredible).  So, after a year of school in Texas they will move to the very southern part of Mexico, live amongst a tribe there, learn their language, WRITE them an alphabet based on their learning it (yes, they don’t even have a written language) & then translate the Bible into their native tongue!  Amazing!  So, first and foremost…add this awesome family to your prayer list! 

Okay, so now you are wondering why I titled this “toddler chair re-do”…bare with me, friends!  I am getting there!

What I didn’t mention earlier is that the Toler family has had to sell everything.  They are taking SIX rubbermaid containers of stuff with them and that. is. all.  (Makes them even more amazing, doesn’t it?!?!)  So, I saw the other night on Facebook where Susan had taken some pictures of some of the last items they still had to sell….the kitchen table had my name all over it!  As Scott was snoozing on the sofa, I quickly emailed her “SOLD!” ;) 

We have badly been needing a bigger table for our school room.  Poor Wyatt’s knees have been smacking him in the chest for almost a year in the tiny kiddie table and chairs we’ve been using.  I knew that their kitchen table would be perfect…tile topped for art projects and all!

The difficult part came when I was trying to figure out how to make it work in an already super crowded room.  I adore my coffee table and just can’t part with it so I had an idea…


Wyatt helped me line it up and push it under the table.  It fit perfectly!  But, then he said that he wanted to use it at a bench and sit on it.  So, that’s how we have it for now.  Y’all wouldn’t believe how much the boys loved playing under there yesterday!


Pay no attention to the deer deflating behind the loveseat, please! I am trying desperately to rid ourselves of that impulsive Bass Pro Shop purchase! :)

Moving on to the toddler chair…so, as we were picking up the kitchen table on Tuesday evening I shared with Susan what we would be using it for.  Then, she pulled out this obviously dear to her toddler chair.  Her first question was “Are you crafty?”  Um, a little! ;)  She knows that Luke loves to do “cool” with us and must have his own color wonder paper and markers at his seat.  So, she graciously handed over her loved toddler chair for my baby to enjoy. 


She had purchased it unfinished and not gotten to finishing it yet.  She wanted to paint it white to match the table and chairs.  But as soon as this baby made it in the door at our house, it was taken over and we quickly realized that it would do a lot of sitting at the breakfast table, too.  Luke was smitten!

So…I went back and forth for a day and finally decided to go green! Accent colors are all the rage these days, right?!?!?


I did a little magic outside…


and then brought it in after the one hour wait time required on the can (longest hour ever I do believe)!


Someone loves it!!!


I cannot believe that we don’t have a high chair in use any longer!  As soon as Scott got home, he toted it up to the attic for me.  Luke loves being at the big table and I am in love with this green chair! It matches the green pillows on the window bench and the green in the chair cushions really well, too!


I am thinking of distressing it a bit, too…both of the other chairs at the table and my armoire close by are distressed.  But, then again I think I like it just like this. :)


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