Friday, July 15, 2011



1. A vulture sitting on my van in the carport…


I was thinking that maybe there was some dinner for that ugly bird under the fishing boat but apparently it was just looking for some shade from the 112 degree heat wave.  It did freak me out a little when it flapped it’s ginormous wings!  Wyatt, of course, begged me to shoot it…I let him at the bullfrog last week that kept getting in the pool (my reasoning was that it would attract snakes so it had to go) but this bird was not going down on my watch or on my van!

2. An almost two year old baby bear dressed by his daddy…


What a dollbaby of a mess!  ;)

3.  A camera crazy mama…


trying out my new external flash!  Yay for finally being able to take indoor pics without blowing out my ISO!!!  (Um, in case you just noticed what I did…I do have clothes on here.  The flash had just come in the mail so I hopped out of the pool with my coverup on to try it out.  Whoops!)  My sweet daddy and my hot hubby gave me some moolah for my birthday in June for more camera stuff.  This was my first and much needed purchase.  Not a light on in the house and shooting at 100 ISO…love!

Still can’t believe a vulture landed on my van, though!

Just a little FYI…I am playing around with the header for the blog some.  I am so torn over what to do.  I really want a big picture of Belle there but I want to include the boys, too, since that’s our life now.  I also hate that I didn’t get more professional photos of her done.  Thankfully, my friend & incredible photographer, Gretchen, captured priceless moments.  But, oh how I wish I had more.  What I would give to have pictures of her like I have of the boys now.  So, I just can’t decide what to do or how to do it.  I really need to just bite the bullet and have someone design a header for me.  But, I am playing a little here and there for now so you will see it changing some over the next weeks.   Thank you for continuing to follow our family! 

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention you now have an infrared AF assist beam, assuming you set for single shot AF.

If you decide to start playing around with off camera lighting and want some cheap flashes, check out Yong Nuo flashes and triggers.