Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blueberry Boy

Luke could eat fruit all day long…trust me, I am not complaining a bit!  The other night at church he downed four huge strawberries, peanuts, a ton of blueberries, a handful of cheese cubes and MY piece of cake!  After all of this, I decided that I may be changing his birthday party theme to his favorite book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.   After he cleaned the plate I got for him, Mrs. Bailey  kindly got him a cup half full of blueberries.  As usual, my camera was close by so I snapped a few of Little Bear enjoying all his treats and being the center of attention!


My red head is turning strawberry blonde on me!  I love seeing how his hair changes.  Annabelle’s hair was the exact same color in the back where it was thickest.  I rarely get a good profile shot so I had to include this one. ;)  So sweet!


IMG_0011  IMG_0014

Goodness, y’all, he looks like such a big boy here!  Can you believe he’s almost 2???


Grandaddy was happily keeping Luke entertained until the blueberries kicked his little tummy in gear which resulted in Grandaddy gladly handing him back over to me for diaper duty! :)

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Shannon said...

That boy is just too darn cute! :)