Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Kick-Off Pool Party

We had a weekend full of pool parties!  On Saturday, we had Wyatt’s homeschool co-op friends and their families over to celebrate the end of the year.  On Sunday, we had all of Wyatt & Luke’s cousins over (Scott’s side) kicking off summertime.  I pulled a party repeat by doing just about the same thing both days.  It was so fun watching the kids splashing and staying cool in the pool that I did a terrible job at taking pictures once the party got going.  I did take some shots of the set up though! :)




I found the customizeable printables off of Etsy.  I paid less than $7 for the whole thing!  I thought it was perfect for the simple party I was going for.


I have had these butterfly food covers (I have no idea their actual, proper name) for years and may have only used them once.  The colors were perfect!  Not to mention that every.single.time I see a butterfly of any type I immediately am filled with sweet thoughts of Annabelle. ;) 



We made ice cream sundaes during a brief pool break.  Yum!




I did manage to get a quick picture of a very excited 7 year old…anxious for his party to begin!


It is such a blessing to be able to open our home to others in this way.  Today we’ve got a day full of swimming and baseball planned and then I’ll be busy working on next weekend’s party…Wyatt’s baseball team’s end of the season party!  Happy Memorial Day, friends!

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Katie said...

Such a cute party!!! How fun :) I love planning parties too-- just caught up on your last couple of posts. Glad you shared about life becoming more "normal"...I agree that you are never healed but what a day to look forward to, seeing your baby girl with Jesus! Love you friend.