Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Good Stuff

“Taste & SEE




the Lord






Psalm 34:8




Unknown said...

wow. WHAT a ministry. I've been terrible at commenting, but I've been reading, keeping up with yall, and praying for you during this season. I know its a hard one, but God is forever faithful, I know you know that as much as anyone!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Looks like you're headed to Charleston! Wish I were there too :) The baskets looks so cute and I love seeing the little Hope rags peeking through :) Hope you have a great delivery day!

By the way, we have a song that we sing at church based on this Psalm called "Taste and See"... it's one of my favorites :)

Anonymous said...

I love the bows that have been featured on your site. Do the moms that make them sell them? Please post their contact information if so. Thanks!

Elisabeth said...

I love this. We've been looking and praying for a way to honor our son's memory and I love how your honoring your daughter by touching and blessing other's with Annabelle's baskets.

I saw a duck that looks like a bunny and I have the same duck.

When I was pregnant with my Luke (he's in heaven) my mom would find a new duck and buy it for the baby.

Now that I'm pregnant with Luke's miracle brother or sister the tradition continues.

Seeing pictures of your boys always brings a smile to my face. What a blessing your blog has been to me :)