Thursday, March 10, 2011

Staying Put

I just realized through several messages I’ve gotten on facebook and a conversation that I had recently with a friend that I probably need to let y’all know that we took our home off the market.  Things happen fast around here! :)  It really wasn’t listed all that long anyhow.

We saw lots of other properties.  Some of which we liked quite a bit.  But, all of which we would have to do some sort of major thing to get what we want and what would really be home for us.

It was after looking at a home- that on paper looked perfect- that we realized we have everything we will ever want or need right where we are…minus one little thing that we had been wanting to do to our home from the day we bought it six years ago.

Every time someone would ask why we’re looking to move the best answer I could give is that we want more land…that’s still the case but as we’ve seen from other homes with more land…land isn’t always a good thing especially when it’s not all that useable. 

We love our location, adore our neighbors and have the sweetest memories in this home.  Our yard is perfect for our family and the biggest complaint that I can come up with is that the floor plan isn’t my dream.  (But, I am not building!)

The Lord really started to work on my heart…and, most importantly, my contentment through our listing, looking and eventually un-listing our home.   I am so thankful we listed with a good friend who isn’t pushy at all and was completely understanding of our position throughout all of it.  

SO…with that being said…we decided to stay put, stay in a comfortable mortgage that allows us the opportunity to do more of what we love…which is spending time together.

That is why my yard currently looks like this. ;)




Don’t worry…I’ll keep ya posted from this point on!


Shannon said...

Fun, fun, FUN!!! You know we're coming over, right?! :)

Katie said...

SO EXCITING!!! I've never seen how they install a pool, thanks for the pics! This is amazing and what wonderful memories that pool will bring. I love your decision on staying, sounds very well-thought out and contententment is a wonderful virtue! Congrats on this backyard transformation! How much fun :)

Evie's Story said...

Bey Wyatt is having a hay day watching all the diggers and trucks combing your yard. Home school at its best if you ask me:-)

Was wondering if all the rain today set yall back. Or if you're just going to go for a lake instead of a pool:)

Cant wait to come help you enjoy it:-)

Kacy said...

Wow! So fun! I know Wyatt is about to burst with excitement!