Thursday, February 03, 2011



Y’all thought this was going to be another post with a picture of Bear sitting in his new favorite spot, didn’t ya?  ;)

The TimeOut that I am referring to is the Mom’s group at our church.  I had the honor, once again, of being asked to share Annabelle’s story with them.  Last year was more of a testimony…this year the Lord prompted me to change my focus a bit.  Over the past weeks, He’s given me pieces of the story that He wanted me to share.  I’ll be honest…I was probably the least prepared with it all this time.  I spent hours upon hours trying to mesh these pieces together but I still wasn’t fully sure of it.  How the scripture He had led me to share, the story He placed in my lap, the topic of fear…how it was all going to work together sharing what we’ve been through and still go through daily.  I simply trusted Him…and prayed that however it all ended up coming together, that He would be glorified. 

As I talked to Scott on my way to get Wyatt afterwards, I told him this…”Honey, I can’t explain it.  Somehow God brought it all together.”

I prayed for peace…and He supplied it.

I prayed for grace…and He gave mercifully.

I prayed for strength…and His was made perfect in my weakness.

I am so thankful for the many ladies that came this morning and for their support in this ministry.  As they did last year, they made precious fleece blankets for the Annabelle Baskets…and prayed over them all.  That the lives of the families who receive them find comfort and hope in Christ alone.

My cup overflows…







The Hardy Family said...

Awwww, I love it!! You did such an amazing job this morning and I could tell the Lord was really leading you. Thank you for all you shared. You are such a blessing to all of us!! Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your amazing ministry by making the sweet blankets. It was a blessing to me! I enjoyed chatting with you several different times this morning!! I love you and you know I'm praying.....
PS I had no idea you got a picture of us! You are sneaky! :)

The Tolers said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful story this morning! What a blessing it was to me! I'm glad I was slow and had the chance to bring my little ones back in with me afterwards. I explained what we were doing to them. I'm keeping my blanket piece in my coat pocket so I will feel it everytime I put it on (I'll transfer it when the weather warms up)! Thanks again for your faithfulness.

Rebecca said...

You did a wonderful job!! Thank you for always being so open and honest. Love all the pics! :)