Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Believe it or not, I’ve never decorated for Heart Day.   I love shopping this time of the year for the baskets…all the valentine’s stuff has an even more special place in my heart.  FYI…Valentine’s is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day.  The latter is more important to our family these days. ;)

Today marks the three year anniversary of Annabelle’s open heart surgery.

So…in celebration of her and her sweetHEART…I livened up the place a little!  All of it (except for the heart wreath and tablecloth) were crafty little projects Wyatt and I did together.


He loved this one…spray painting a paper plate and then I sprinkled some glitter on top!


The circle wreaths cost me a whopping $2.20 combined. Christmas clearance garland at 10 cent a piece and two dollar store styrofoam wreaths.  Let’s just say I left very happy!




I never do tablecloths but I had to sneak some pink in somewhere! ;)  I actually like it…now, let’s just pray it stays white more than one day! HA!

And this is how we kept Luke occupied while we worked…


until he decided he didn’t want anymore and did this…


thank goodness he was NOT on the carpet!


And…these little beauties came in the mail!!!  Aren’t they the most adorable little bows ever???  Totally a God thing…Annabelle had a bow made of this exact ribbon that I just loved on her!


Finally…Danielle stuck this in the mail along with all the basket goodies…just what I am trying so hard to do these days.



Shannon said...

Love the decorations! And the bows...oh, my goodness! They are precious!! So perfect for your girl!

Luke's snack looks like Derrick's dinner did tonight. Whew!

The Hardy Family said...

Love, love your decorations!! You are so crafty!!!