Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Balloons…

We are overwhelmed by love from you today.  We have received so, so many calls, texts, messages, cards, gifts and so much more! God has given us grace once again to celebrate this sacred day…with JOY!  As hard as it is, we are thankful.  I would rather have Annabelle’s birthday without her than to never have had her at all.  God has given us a beautiful 60 degree day full of sunshine to lift our spirits and give us Hope!  Here are a few moments from our afternoon…









Evie's Story said...

Too sweet for words. LOVE the picture of Wyatt releasing balloons to his sister. And the one of Luke pointing...PRECIOUS!

So blessed to see you CHOOSING joy. So much love to you and your girl!

Rebecca said...

In tears. So proud of you all for being so courageous!!! We love Annabelle, happy 3rd birthday, precious girl!

The Hardy Family said...

Oh Rebecca, those pictures are absolutely priceless and bring me to tears! I'm SO, SO happy that you have found joy in celebrating Annabelle's 3rd birthday today!! What a blessing!! I've been thinking about you ALL day long! Love you!!! Also, what a perfect song for your blog today!!!

Our Family said...

Beautiful. Just gorgeous. Just like your angel. You know they had a great day up there. Praying that you are continuing to find peace each day. Love you!