Saturday, January 01, 2011


I was snoring on the sofa by 10:30 last night and totally missed seeing the ball drop.  No one in our family eats collards or black-eyed peas so we substituted chicken piccatta, green beans & roasted red potatoes for dinner. We’ve put an open Saturday to really good use and gotten tons done around the house.  All in all, we’ve been less than festive this New Year’s…so, I decided to put Luke in his “1” outfit and take some pictures to at least do something marking this first day of the first month of 2011!  ;)

Oh…and if y’all have any pointers for getting a 1 year old to not run from the camera, please let me know! He’s getting smart!



W luke kick

W luke get ball

W luke smile slide

W luke walk look down

Happy New Year!!! 

Did anyone else happen to skip out on all the traditional stuff this year and clean house, too??? :)


Evie's Story said...

YAY!! It finally fits....and I must say looks incredibly cute on your very handsome little guy!

Mandie Hamrick said...

My advice on taking pictures of a very active 2, 3, 4..year old: Be fast! Haha! No, but really, I'm not here to tease, I mainly wanted to write and tell you I love his shoes. :) And your photography skills.

Blessings from IL,