Monday, November 08, 2010

Since you asked…

I figured I better answer your questions before too much times passes.  So, here goes!

Luke, bless his heart, was in timeout for turning off the TV & hitting when we tried to get him away from it. (Buttons & remotes are his thing!)  I can tell him no over and over but he just laughs at me.  We started timeout with Wyatt before his first birthday & it still works wonders so we thought we should start little Luke.  He doesn’t get it so much…he looks at you like you’re crazy for putting him there & then he smiles.  All I have to say now is “Bear is going to have to go to timeout” and he goes running to the naughty mat.  He loves it!  Not what we’re going for there, folks!  He did get a little bothered by me holding him there the other day so maybe he’s starting to figure it out?  Doubt it!

The deer costume came off of ebay.  It was originally supposed to be a Rudolph costume but the one I got didn’t have a red nose…so it worked out great!  I was afraid Luke would be sweating in it but it ended up being really cold (in the 50s for us) by time to trick or treat that night.  I’ll be listing it on ebay for next Halloween if anyone is interested! ;)

There IS a butterfly on my jacket for Halloween.  Funny story behind it, too…For the first Mother’s Day after having & losing Annabelle, Scott had done some special shopping for me but Wyatt still wanted to pick out his own gift.  Just about every shop was closed but this little consignment shop so they went in there and Wyatt picked out the yellow/orange butterfly pendant & matching earrings for me.  I, of course, loved the thought and desire behind my big boy’s gift but was sort of disgusted by the thought of wearing earrings that someone else had possibly worn.  But, I couldn’t get rid of them.  I have just had them in my drawer for years.  As I was getting dressed for Halloween, I needed a splash of orange & the butterfly was just perfect!  I had no idea we’d be having a family picture made…and I thought after the fact that it was quite fitting that I happened to wear that sweet Butterfly!

Now…I better get back to business…we’ve got a big week!  Already the plumbers have been here (oh, the joy), we’re getting brakes on the van later, Wyatt’s last week of fall ball games & the end of the season party, new countertops going in the kitchen in a couple of days, getting the house ready to list, finishing pulling everything together for the yard sale & Scott turns the BIG 4-0 on Wednesday!!!  Hopefully, he won’t get mad at me for sharing that! ;)


Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Well, I figured the butterfly was your way of keeping sweet Annabelle close on Halloween. I vividly remember seeing pictures of you wearing an angel halo headband the first Halloween after losing Annabelle. I love that it wasn't planned, but it seemed she was right there with you!

And what's this? Listing your house? Where are you moving? I think you'll have to do another "Since you asked..." post :)

Good luck with your busy week!

The Johnson Family said...

Wait listing the house? You're moving? I'm so out of the loop.