Friday, October 29, 2010

The SC State Fair 2010

I muster up the nerve about every five years to go to the State Fair.  The last time we went Wyatt was about Luke’s age…so, I figured it was about time to try it out again.  Here are a few shots from our (very) brief visit to the fair!


Wyatt & I got to pet a sheep…did y’all know that they let their hair grow for about a year before they cut it for wool?  I thought for sure they cut it more frequently than that. (Yes, this was also a school field trip so we tried our best to make it educational, too!)


This cow obviously wanted its picture taken!


Luke hung out in the stroller for the most part.  It was enough to be surrounded by all the germs…I wasn’t about to let him play in them! ;)


Bless its little heart!  It even smiled for us!  Do y’all have any idea what this thing is?  It was in the sheep section.  I’m guessing it’s just a male?!? :)



Wyatt asked for cotton candy the moment I decided to take them…so, I did what any responsible mother would do…I made him eat a corn dog first! HA!


After two games & Wyatt winning a neon green puppy by popping a balloon with a dart, we called it quits.  Guess we’ll visit again in five more years!

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Ashlee Tomes said...

Beautiful pics! I laughed out loud at the sheep thingy! Yes, that's just a male for ya!! Ha :) I also laughed when you made Wyatt eat a corn dog before cotton candy! I always tell Jagger he has to eat "real food" before all that junk. But..."real food" is usually like pizza, chicken nuggets...really healthy, ya know!! Too funny :)

Love ya,