Monday, September 20, 2010

Nursery Re-do

As I was taking pictures of the re-do that we did this weekend, I realized that I never posted pictures of Luke’s nursery once we completed it last year.  (And, in case you are thinking it already…yes, I am far, far behind on his baby scrapbook, too.  I’m actually considering getting the blog printed into book form for him to have one day….hummmm.)  So, back to the nursery!

When we decided to convert Annabelle’s nursery into Luke’s nursery, we chose to keep some things the same.  One of those things was the canopy over the crib.  I loved it in her room and it was so “Prince Charming” to me when we were doing his.  We also kept the sheers the same and he has some adorable pink baskets in his closet holding all things little boy! ;)

Since the good Lord has blessed me with a very active, curious & slightly mischievous one year old, the canopy had to come down. 

I love pictures (no kidding, right?) and have long wanted to do a Pottery Barn-ish display over the crib.  However, it was not in the budget to go the Pottery Barn route so I rummaged through some old family pictures and found three frames that were just the size I needed.  I still had some money left on a gift card to Michael’s and bought the mats there…and still have credit left on the gift card!  The pictures I took myself and had printed through a lab that I love ordering from online (Thank you, Suzie!).  I found some ribbon in a stash of my mom’s sewing stuff that I still use quite often and it was just what I needed…white and baby blue grosgrain.  After indulging in a 97 cent can of spray paint, I rounded out my re-do to just under TEN BUCKS!!! 



And, just for fun…here’s the rest of his sweet little room!







Whatdaya think???


Shannon said...

It looks great! I love the pictures above his adorable!

And I love that big sissy is sitting right across the room so she can keep an eye on that little brother of hers...when he actually sleeps in his room of course! Ha! :)

Great job!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

I.LOVE.IT! Your pictures above the crib are super impressive! You will have to tell me what online lab you used... they are amazing! And I love all the other pictures too... especially the one of sweet Annabelle! Speaking of her, did you add more ribbons to her bow holder?! Just askin'! I thought I had a lot of bows, friend... you take the cake! Luke's room is very, very sweet - just like him!

The Hoffman Family said...

Luke's room looks like a perfect picture right out of a Pottery Barn catalog! Just beautiful!!

The Simmons Family said...

LOVE IT!! I might steal your pottery barn ideas for Kamryn's room. Love the pictures above the bed!

Evie's Story said...

SOOOO stinkin cute! Now you can come help me get a vision for my walls.

oh wait. Maybe I should paint them first:-)

Luke's room is PERFECT my friend!

Lindsay Dean said...

Absolutely beautiful, friend. I fall more and more in love with that boy everytime you post a new picture of him! The pictures are A. MAZ. ING!!!!!!! Love you and hope to see you soon?!

The Hardy Family said...

Rebecca, it is beautiful!!!! I love the picture display and way to go on only spending $10! Amazing! You are so creative and it all looks great!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh.. I LOVE it! SOOOO Cute! I dont know what my favorite thing is...there's so much! LOVE it all!!! Love how there is still some Annabelle in it, too! :) I was the same with my AB's room...there's some Cooper in there! :)

Mandie Hamrick said...

Love the pictures. Where'd ya get his dresser?