Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To my husband…

My love,

I praise God that 8 years ago today you took me to be your wife…in sickness and in health, for better or for worse…and so much more than those simple vows stated.  We have certainly had to endure the harder part of the spectrum that we promised to each other and, although, I wish at times our journey together would have been easier to tread, I am so thankful that I have had you by my side to walk with me, lift me up and carry me through. 


You amaze me, Scott.  Your unconditional love for our children is immeasurable and an incredible joy for this mother’s heart.  Your unselfish love for me is so undeserved and overly moving.  And, most of all, your love for our Lord is beyond words in beauty to me. 

 Wyatt 084

When I took your hand in marriage, I knew that He held great things in you.  It was just a matter of time…a matter of allowing Him to move in and through your life and our lives together.  Love, I have seen the Potter mold you into a man that continually strives to honor Him in all you do.  There is nothing more that I could ever want…than what I already have in you.


Thank you for being you…and for loving me like no one else ever could for these amazing 8 years. 

Happy Anniversary, my babies’ daddy, hottie Scottie, honey love!

 I love you always & forever~ Your Cole


Wodzisz Family said...

What an amazing post and wonderful husband you have. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Happy Anniversary! I don't know Scott, but I KNOW he is a special, special person!

Hope you enjoy a special night out tonight :)


PS Yes, the pic of him holding your sweet baby doll made me cry!

Ashlee Tomes said...

That was just beautiful, Rebecca. I know that Scott is beyond wonderful to you and your children, and I'm so happy for you. Happy Anniversary!!

Ashlee :)

Shannon said...

That was beautiful!

Happy Anniversary Rebecca and Scott!!

Unknown said...

awww.... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! So sweet! Hope it was a great one!