Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Country Boys

We had a little fun at our next door neighbor’s farm the other day.  I thought that it would be too cute to sit Luke in one of my all-time favorite inheritances and sentimental keepsakes…my Grandma Cole’s green bean tub.  I have so many memories sitting on the porch helping her snap the beans for dinner.  She could cook like nobody’s business…fortunately, my Aunt Brenda learned a lot of her tricks and spoils us every Thanksgiving with tried and true country cookin’!  Grandma had several of these tubs and they were fought over like gold by the grandchildren when she passed.  I’m sure she’d love to see her great grandsons having fun on the farm with it!







Oh, I love me some country boys! They might be just a tad sweeter than Grandma Cole’s creamed corn! ;)


Evie's Story said...

You are getting GOOD with that camera my dear! AWesome shots...each post is better and better! LOVE, love, love the one of Luke looking up at you batting those long eyelashes.
And the one of Wyatt kissing Luke while he laughs...priceless!

Pamela said...

Oh my word, what adorable pics of your adorable boys!! You take amazing pictures!!! Love to you and your sweet family from one Christian mom in California...(Been following/praying for you since Annabelle went to Heaven)

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

I changed my mind... the last one is my favorite! These are AMAZING and precious! I hope to get my camera soon :)

Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures of some beautiful boys! :)

Rachel said...

Some great pictures! Your boys are just adorable!

Ashlee Tomes said...

Hey Rebecca! Oh my goodness...people pay BIG bucks for pictures like these!! They are wonderful. Plus, it doesn't hurt that your boys are beautiful :) Jack has been sitting here talking up a storm and pointing at your boys. He keeps saying "baby" when he looks at Luke! So precious!! I'd love to see those two together :) Anyway, the pictures are priceless! Have a wonderful day :)