Monday, April 26, 2010

Rain Delay

If you guessed that this picture is….


a racetrack, you are correct! What’s that…a racetrack wasn’t the first thing to come to mind?!?! :) (Well, it’s not completely built  just yet…just a little streamers to finish the job!)

My genius hubby had the idea of building our own racetrack for Wyatt’s little birthday party.  I am the party planner…he’s the activity guy.  So, leave it to Scott to nail about 50 4-foot rods into the grass and attempt to make an actual track for the boys to “race” around.  He promises me that it’ll be worth it….too bad we didn’t get a chance to see it in action today.

But, we were up and ready just in case…


It rained all morning and didn’t look promising.  Of course, once party time came the weather was decent but Scott pointed out that the ground was soaking wet and all the outside seating was, too.  And, since the activity guy’s activities are all for outside…it just wasn’t happening. 

Funny thing…I give Wyatt two options for the party before we put it in rain delay…1- still have it but not be able to do any of the games planned or 2-postpone it.  His answer “Mom, it’ll be fine to play the games in the rain!”  Sorry buddy, that wasn’t an option!  Although I am sure a few other little boys would enjoy that, too…I know the Mommies and Daddies would prefer they not.

Wyatt wasn’t completely bummed.  He is smart enough to realize that this just prolongs his birthday celebration even longer! 


Unknown said...

how cute are they in those outfits?!?!? oh my gosh... love it! cant wait to hear more about the party when it's "a go"! :)

Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

Sounds like fun and well worth the rain delay. Your boys are beautiful!! I loveeee birthday parties. Enjoy!!