Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter morning & precious memories…

I am a tradition person.  I love knowing what’s coming and having a plan.  My mom was great with traditions.  I have continued most of my favorites from my childhood with my family now and it is so fun to see them in a new light.  I remember having matching Easter baskets with my baby sister…the only difference was the lining…hers was purple & mine pink.  So, having my two boys, I had to figure something out for them, of course!  I love the lined baskets but everything I saw was a little more girly than I thought my big boy would go for…so I found these precious little “tags” on etsy and went wild!  I thought they turned out so cute & the boys will be able to use them for years and years.  And…I thought that it would be special to one day, when they are all grown up, include the tags in their scrapbooks to share with their children!


Wyatt gots lots of fun stuff but Luke, well, he doesn’t need a thing…except for this…yes, hair detangler was put in my 7 month old’s Easter basket.  (Along with the baby toothbrush!  Too funny that those are in there together!)


I just love Wyatt’s I-just-woke-up-face!


Luke made out like a bandit with his daddy’s candy!


After all the Easter basket fun, we headed to church and experienced an awesome worship! I tell you what, the music has never sounded better!  It was truly good to be in the House of the LORD on Easter Sunday celebrating the Risen Saviour!


Luke was happy as can be when we got him out of the nursery…all smiles and letting everyone know he was around! Oh, I love these sweet boys!


Last night, we put the hair detangler to the test…Luke had a mat on the back of his head that needed help!  So, I grabbed his Easter goodie and Annabelle’s hair brush that he loves.  Luke helped me by holding the brush  eating the brush while I worked on his mane!


Uh-oh, he dropped it!


Hummmmm….I guess putting his finger in his mouth is helping him figure out how to get it back?


Mommy to the rescue…he’s good again…back to eating some shiny pink plastic!


Hope your Easter was memorable, too!


Unknown said...

SO precious! I love traditions, too! LOVE the boys' basket tags, too! Great pics of you guys! Wyatt's little freckles are so adorable! & We JUST got our Annabelle hair detangler tonight!! Luke looks way too grown sitting in that Bumbo seat! He is so precious... love all the pics!

Evie's Story said...

Oh them curls is too cute!!!!!

You look radiant with your sweet beautiful boys!

Love you!

RHONDA said...

Your boys are so precious! Thanks for sharing with us..I love traditions too, they are so important. So glad you had a great day!


Lindsay Dean said...

Back to check in on you too, girl! Posted more pics and one sweet one of Luke playing in the sand. Man, I miss you!!!!!!! AND I totally agree with Mandy on the picture with the boys! God is good!
Much love~

The Gandy Family said...

Love the hair detangler! We need that in our household! I agree that Sunday was a great day to worship our risen Saviour!

Leigh Ann Gandy

Ashlee Tomes said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Easter!! I LOVE the pictures - as always! Luke's hair just keeps getting better!! Your boys are too precious :)

Love you,

Jessica said...

Look at those precious boys! Luke's hair is awesome in the picture of him chewing on the egg!

Thanks for sharing your precious memories with us. :)

Love, Jessica