Monday, February 01, 2010

Two Years Ago

2008_0205Annabelle0060 (2)

Two years ago today, we were up before 4am praying scripture aloud as we prepared to face a giant…Annabelle’s first open heart surgery, the Norwood procedure.  We had three options given to us during my pregnancy with her and this was the path that we chose for her.  It was risky, but the best option for giving her a shot at a “normal” life.  We knew that there was a chance that we may not see her alive again once she was rolled away.  We had to take that chance.  In spite of all we’ve gone through, we are glad we did.

Through God working in her surgeon, Dr. Bradley, and the other amazing medical team at MUSC, Annabelle survived the Norwood.  We were blessed with 60 days with her because of someone, somewhere giving all they had to help babies born with complex congenital heart defects such as HLHS. 

It’s research…it’s modern miracles performed by God-given gifted men and women.  It’s all we have for our heart babies…and for their future.  

I am blessed beyond words that others contributed to growing, expanding, and experiencing the world of CHD research.  We were given the opportunity to involve Annabelle in several research studies so that OTHER children born with her heart defect would benefit and could be helped even further. 

It’s just what we are called to do…it’s paying it forward…it’s giving back.

A friend of mine with her own adorable little heart baby, Derrick, is putting together a wonderful way that you can help support CHD research- a Pancake Breakfast! 

All proceeds will go directly to MUSC for congenital heart defect research.  Here’s how you can help (& enjoy a yummy breakfast in the process):

Who:  You and everyone you wouldn't mind eating breakfast with you

What:  Pancakes covered with butter and syrup, sausage, fruit and beverage

When: This Saturday, February 6, from 7:30 until 10:30

Where:  Fatz Cafe in Irmo (on Broad River Road)

Why: To raise money for MUSC's CHD research

How Much: $7 for 4 and under eat FREE!!

And, yes, we’ll be there!

On another sort-of related note, I am honored to be sharing Annabelle’s story this Thursday morning with my MOPS group.  They will be making blankets to be put in the Annabelle Baskets!  I will have tickets with me then if anyone would like to purchase one on Thursday morning…otherwise, you can email me directly at & we’ll work it out! 

This is why it’s worth it…

2008_0306Annabelle0024 (2)

*The picture at the top was taken just 4 days after Annabelle’s Norwood procedure. 


Brandi Leonhardt said...

WOW!! This brings back a whirlwind of memories and emotions! You are such an amazing person! My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your beautiful family as you re-live your time with your angel this time two years ago.

Let's plan a get together as soon as it warms up...would love to catch up and see baby Luke again!

Love ya!

Shannon said...

That is one precious little girl!

Beautiful! :) Thank you!

Katie said...

Because of beautiful mom's like you who've lost their baby to CHD, sharing their broken but BIG hearts, research and knowledge of CHD has grown...thank you for participating in this research with your sweet girl. I have always thought that with each baby born with CHD, there is knowledge to be gained and many tears to be shed as well. Our baby's had a chance because of the ones who went before them. CHD is still in it's infantile stages, and eventually, I believe it WILL be fixable and curable. Thanks for your sacrifice and giving your baby a chance!!! It was/is so hard to do but what can be gained and learned with science and faith is amazing! Bless you Rebecca!

Our family said...

Hi. I am the lady from MOPS/co-op who asked for your cookie bar recipe. I noticed your blog at the bottom of that email. I am so glad I had a chance to visit here. I had no idea that you had walked this path. Both of our daughters adopted from China had CHD. Thankfully both were correctable w/ surgical repair. Lilly's VSD was repaired at MUSC, and we too were blessed by our time there. I recognized a few of the nurses from your blog. Thank you for your ministry - as a mom who has sat praying in the PCICU and in a room on 7C, I know how touched parents will be to recieve such a special gift during a most difficult time. God bless you and your family! Jan