Monday, October 05, 2009


Lately, Wyatt's fall baseball started up! He's playing Coach's Pitch this season (stepping up from teeball this past spring). My, my what a handsome little ball player!

Luke seemed to enjoy the first game, too!

Lately, we joined our heart family at the Little Hearts Walk in Charleston to remember our Annabelle. We all wore pink (yes, even Luke had a onesie with Team Angel Annabelle on it) to honor our baby girl!

It was Luke's first trip out of town...and our first time all sharing one hotel room! It went surprisingly well and the boys sure did enjoy their snuggle time!

We also got to introduce Luke to his namesake, Dr. Eric Graham. I didn't realize until Eric went to hold Luke that the cardiologists never hold the babies...he said that it had been a long time since he held a newborn but yet he works with them everyday! Y'all know the story behind this incredible day Luke will, too!

We also saw some of Annabelle's amazing nurses! Wyatt always called the nurses "doctors" when we were at was so cute! Everyone was "Doctor Somebody"! He got a big hug from his biggest crush "Doctor Bryna"! The staff truly took care of our entire family!

Check out the smile on my biggest boy!!!

We also saw Annabelle's surgeon, Dr. Bradley, at the walk. He is so amazingly supportive to all the heart families. I told him that he needs to wear a red suit and white beard next year since everyone treats him like Santa at the walk ("please hold my baby and let me take a picture")! :) He's so gracious! So, since our little heart baby is perfectly healed by the Great Physician...I asked for him to hold her baby brother. There just aren't words to describe the respect and awe that I hold for this man...

Annabelle's first nurse in the ICU & the first person to ever put a bow on her (you know that's important stuff!), Andrea, joined Team Angel Annabelle! Her precious baby girl, Ada, joined us, too! (Andrea is holding Luke in this picture in case you're wondering!)

We were so excited to see these two girls, too! Sarah is one of our all-time favorite PCICU nurses and the miracle baby girl that she is holding is Addi (aka Rocky)! Seeing Addison in person and outside of the hospital was like watching our prayers being answered!

Lately, we made our first Annabelle Basket delivery as an earthly family of four. Scott got quite a workout hauling both of the huge containers all the way (plus a box of goodies for 7C). Wyatt led the way for all of us being the big brother that he is and Luke slept like a newborn baby on me!
I have to be honest and tell you that this was probably the hardest delivery that I've made. As we were walking the same halls that I walked with Annabelle on our way home 18 months ago, I looked around and realized the miracles that were right in front of me and was overcome with tears...the awesome ministry that the LORD had laid out many years ago for our family to carry out in Annabelle's name, the amazing husband that supports and loves our family first only after his devotion to God, and the two boys that remind me every single day of the miracle of life and of the One Who gives it. I don't see Luke as being here because Annabelle isn't...he's here because she was! She taught us to open our hearts more than we ever thought trusting in His plan for our family.

Lately, our hearts have been warmed and our souls have been strengthened...oh, and our laughs have gotten louder!
Just yesterday, we were visiting Annabelle's special place. It was Luke's first visit awake and he was taking it all in. Wyatt was telling him why we go there but was sure to explain to Luke that Annabelle really isn't there. Then, we went to do what we do every time before we leave...we pray together as a family. As we huddled around and tears ran down my face and as Scott was thanking God for sharing Annabelle with us, Luke began to giggle out loud...all of us began giggling along with him...tears and laughter filled the rest of the prayer. We know Who gave us that JOY...and that our beautiful middle child was giggling right along with us!

That's just a little bit of what's been going on...lately!


jan tompkins said...

You've touched my heart again. And, you continue to touch so many through your wonderful ministry.
The boys (all 3) look great.
Luke has grown so much. Are you sprinkling fertilizer on him or what?
Getting that pkg. off to you this week. Love and blessings,


Jessica said...

What a beautiful post. :) Thank you for continuing to share your life with us. We are so thankful for your family!

Rebecca said...

Oh, Rebecca!! I have tears and chills reading this sweet post. Love all the pics! What a blessing you are to so many sharing your story. I love the snuggle pic of Wyatt and Luke sleeping together, so sweet!

Katie said...

Love this post! Thanks for sharing. The boys look great and Wyatt's so cute in his uniform. I bet he's a natural! I love that you're continuing this're amazing Rebecca! Heart hugs!!!

The Hardy Family said...

What a sweet post and great pictures! You all have an amazing story to share with Luke. I love the sweet moment you had as a family at Annabelle's special place. That is so precious!

The Chavis Family said...

Y'all have been busy! Love your pictures. Luke and Wyatt look so grown up. :) Hey we need that cape you mentioned in your comment on my blog. Brady is usually wearing his Superman shirt under the Batman costume so a reversible cape with both would be Brady's idea of perfect. :)

Miller Family said...

Luke is sure growing and so precious. Wyatt sure does a great job as a big brother! They are so sweet looking together. My heart goes out to you at your next dr appt for Luke. I will be thinking of you guys and wishing for the Lord to continue to bring you peace and JOY and laughter. God Bless!