Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fun on the 4th!

Before I get to all the fun stuff, I wanted to share with you our first hydrangea bloom!!! Scott and I were so thrilled to see this precious pink bloom coming in a week or so ago. We were given 7 beautiful hydrangeas last year in memory of Annabelle by friends for her service. We planted all of them and all of them came back this year. Most of them are trailing down the side of our home that we use the most. I am looking forward to watching them grow and reminding us every spring of our baby girl who has been given new life with Our Savior and waits for us to join her in our eternal home!

On to the 4th...
We are enjoying a very lazy Sunday afternoon after having a fun 4th of July! We had both Scott and my family over...the kids got wet and played & we snuck in a great meal somewhere in the midst of it all!

My craving with baby #3...rice krispy treats! I had to find some way to incorporate them into the 4th! Can you believe he'll be here in about 6 weeks?!?!

For my hubby...cupcakes! His craving? ;)

Wyatt sliding in...he's safe!

Jed, Dawson & Wyatt protecting the fort... & Molly posing as their princess!

Wyatt and Jed chowing down!

Scott & Wyatt & their high-tech fireworks...sparklers!

Happy 4th, Y'all!


Angela said...

Ooh, yummy food! Six weeks??? Wow!!

Anonymous said...

umm...six weeks!! can you please post some pictures of yourself. I need to see your tummy! Miss you guys!

Laura Haley

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great celebration you had. Loved all your food decorations. You are so talented.
Can't believe that little Luke will be here before we know it.
Take care of yourself. We'll continue to check in on you and your boys.

Love, Jan

Ashlee said...

Hey Rebecca! It looks like you all had a wonderful 4th of July! Wyatt is just so adorable! I love the swim trunks :) Okay, are you always that Martha Stewarty with your food decor?! You're making me look bad!! It all looked wonderful! I appreciate your comment on my blog today. I know you understand my feelings, and that means so much. I also can't believe that Luke will be here so soon! I can't wait to see him! Hopefully we can catch up soon. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love you,

a change of heart said...

Hi Rebecca! So happy you all had such fun on the 4th! Wyatt looks great and so happy! I can tell he's in his element on that baseball field! :) It was good to see you and your family at the Children's Museum last month! Your belly is beautiful!
Angela Greenwood
Heart mom to Joseph

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Looks like a fantastic party! And I would expect nothing less than for Wyatt to be dressed in theme-specific attire for the occasion :) He is so cute and by the looks of it, he enjoyed the fireworks a lot more than my Noah did!

By the way, I immediately recognized your Southern Living at Home tired plate rack with your Rice Krispy treats on it! I use the two tiered one in my little office for an "In/Out" box thingy.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

I meant to write "tiered", not tired! I need to proofread before I "publish"... I didn't mean to imply your decoration looked tired! Quite the opposite :)

The Chavis Family said...

The hydrangea is beautiful. What a wonderful visual reminder. :) I can't believe you only have 6 weeks to go. WOW!!! I love the rice krispy could be craving something worse. Right? It looks like y'all had fun. We were out of the country on the 4th which was really strange. Hope you have a great week.

Evie's Story said...

LOVE your cupcake stand. and so glad to see Wyatt is using the Slip n' slide! We MISS you guys! Hope to catch a visit soon!

The Hardy Family said...

Your pictures from the 4th are great! The hydrangea is beautiful! We had fun playing with y'all this past week! Stay cool and I'll see you soon!