Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More birthday pictures...

As promised, here are some pictures taken of our family celebrating our baby girl's 1st birthday! If you haven't already seen it, there is a montage of pictures from around the world below in the previous post! Enjoy it...we sure do!

Wyatt & me with 12 balloons for Annabelle

Scott helped Wyatt release them one at a time...the weather was beautiful but the wind decided to pick up to a lovely 35 mph just when we were out there! We had no choice but laugh so hard it hurt to know that Jesus and our daughter have quite the sense of humor to watch us try to release balloons that were beating us up as they whipped around so fast!

Annabelle's 1st Birthday Flowers

We each had a cupcake with one candle in it...on princess plates, of course!

Wyatt with his cupcake...take notice, he may be the only kid who doesn't eat icing or "cream" as he calls it! (and, yes, we began and ended the meal with cupcakes per his request!)

Okay, so maybe I had 2 desserts but I HAD to! My dear friend, Mandy (Evie's mommy), brought us a delicious dinner and homemade petit feurs for dessert with butterflies on them! It was ALMOST too pretty to eat but it tasted so yummy! Thank you for easing the load that day, friend!

PROOF...that boys will drink from Princess cups! (He may deny it when he's 12 but he really liked drinking and eating with the "pruty gurls"!)


jan tompkins said...

Thanks for sharing your Annabelle Celebration with us.

Love all the pictures of Wyatt.

All the Tompkins

Amanda-The Family News! said...

OH how sweet!!! I love the pictures. Wyatt is such a handsome little boy. That is funny that he doesn't want the icing!!!! Silly little boy....
Oh and LOVE the cute desserts Mandy made - and with the special butterfly!
did you get my card?

Evie's Story said...

More beautiful pictures. Rebecca, I love how you embrace life to the fullest...even these hard dates and difficult memories. REmembering with you these PC days....and lifting you to our loving Father!

Lindsay Dean said...

Thank you! Thank you! What beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing them with all of us! Annabelle is such a special little girl to everyone and we feel priveledged to have been apart of her 1st Birthday celebration. Love you!!!!

The Chavis Family said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! They are so good. That's so awesome that so many other people were celebrating too. Thinking of you. ~Kim

Shelley said...

You don't know me, but I work with your sister JC. I never have met you or Annabelle but shared in your joy when you were expecting and your grief when she went to be with Jesus. I have kept up with your blog for quite some time and I just have to say that I am so very touched every time I read it. I didn't get to release a pink balloon on Annabelle's birthday, but did it a couple days after. I figured that all little girls (boys too) like to celebrate, so I just extended her birthday by a couple days so she could celebrate longer! I also want to do something for the baskets and am working on that. Thank you for keeping us updated with all the photos and stories. You and your family have touched my life tremendously.

The Simmons Family said...

What a PERFECT birthday for the PERFECT angel! I love all the pictures! Wyatt will always love the pink cupcakes and princess plates...even when he's a manly-man because it represents his sister and that he will always cherish!

Our Family said...

BEAUTIFUL! I know Annabelle had a fun time helping God create that wind for you guys!!!! I have been thinking about you this week--we need to talk soon! Oh, and I love the bow on Scott's hat! Take care of yourself and we will talk soon, sweet friend!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures from Annabelle's birthday! I will pray that your decision to homeschool Wyatt goes smoothly. There is so much support and good networking for homeschoolers now!Tell Jennifer (I have a hard time calling her JC) and Wayne I said hello.
Linda Green

The Ridgway Family said...

What a perfect party Rebecca. I have yet to send a photo to you of our celebration, but we had to do a few days late as the girls were both very sick on Annabelle's party day.

I am so strengthen by your faith and courage. As Eden's birthday approaches, all to fast for me, I find myself more weepy than in a long time and my arms and heart just aches for my little angel.

I hope and pray that you will feel Annabelles spirit close to you as the days pass to guide and comfort you.

Love, Keisa

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

Thank you for your comment. Your Annabelle is one pretty little angel.

I just read the last post, but will read more, probably tomorrow while I'm in the hospital waiting for Brody to make his debut. I thought it was funny that you mentioned how windy it was when you release balloons for Annabelle on her birthday. It was the same way for us. I was thinking that Ava sure was eager to get the balloons we had for her. We had about 25 balloons between us and grandparents and boy did they turn out to be a mess in that wind. My dad had to take out his knife and cut the strings about for Kaden to release each one.

Thanks again, I can't wait to read about Annabelle's journey.