Monday, August 25, 2008

Wyatt the Photographer!

Wyatt has a cute kid's vtech camera that he got for Christmas (Thank you, Grandaddy!). He took it with him to Charleston to document his little sister's birth to share with her as she got older (although he seems to think that she would like pictures of the ambulances that park outside the hospital). As any of you who have been through anything remotely close to what we've experienced, you can imagine that I completely forgot that he even owned the camera. Imagine my surprise when the other day Wyatt came through the house taking pictures and asked me to look at them. As you can see, Annabelle never takes her eyes off of her big brother! He got some of the BEST pictures of our angel to cherish forever! Yes, they may be a little fuzzy (who in their right mind would give a child a really nice camera anyways) but they are precious. All of the pictures that I am sharing are from our time together at home.
Yet another blessing...we continue to count them!
I'm in LOVE!

Smiling at Daddy

Again, flirting with Daddy ("I've got this guy wrapped!")

Laying in Wyatt's bed

Told you...she doesn't stop adoring her big brother! (& just in case you're wondering, he finally gave up the binky, too...we just couldn't do that to him at that time.)


Erica May said...

Rebecca, I love the pictures! God has little surprises hidden everywhere! We love you all and hope you have the best time at Disneyworld!!love,Erica

Amanda-The Family News! said...

How sweet are those pictures!!! What a beautiful Annabelle!

Yes, I hope you also have a wonderful time at Disney World - have an overload of FUN!!!!

(Lauren has that same activity mat I can see in the background of one of the pictures - I recongnize the stripes)!!

Love Amanda

Lindsay Dean said...

Oh the tears are pouring! She just keeps making her appearances doesn't she? My heart still aches for all of you and this was a gift for sure to find these photos! Wyatt, what a sweetie. He could have been taking pictures of himself or his toys, but no. The love for his little sister is just overwhelming and still is I'm sure. Thanks for sharing!
Love always-

The Hardy Family said...

Oh so precious! The pictures are great and ones I know that he (and you) will hold on to forever! Have a great trip!
Love you!

Johanna said...

So precious!I know that was a wonderful surprise to find new pictures of your sweet Annabelle! We love you guys!

~Sara~ said...

What a precious gift to find! Have a wonderful time at Disney! Be safe.

Julie Miles said...

Such beautiful pictures - looks like Wyatt may have found his calling! I know that finding those pictures was such a blessing and something you'll treasure for years to come!

The Simmons Family said...

God is alwayw working little miracles! I LOVE the pictures Mr. Wyatt...lil' sis in smiling down on your from heaven!

How precious.


Kacy said...

How beautiful! You can see in her eyes how much she adored her big brother! She is so happy and so beautiful in the pictures, Rebecca! Thank you for sharing!

Tell Wyatt to give Mickey a big kiss for Mary Clare! (You know she would do it herself if she was there!) Have fun! Love, Kerri

Kent said...

What sweet pictures, Rebecca! We think about your little Annabelle often. Thank you for sharing. :)

Jessica said...

Sorry...that last comment was from me...Jessica, Julianne's mom. :)

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I truly believe that your sweet angel found her own special way of coming back ~ to give you kisses & hugs (and lots of them)...she is amazing, and wants to comfort those who miss her the most!!
Always thinking of you...God Bless.
Shanlee Perrone

KC said...
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KC said...


Those pictures are adorable! I took Ethan to meet the teacher and spoke with Robin. I am soooo glad Wyatt is coming to DFB!! You are going to LOVE it :-)

Talk with you soon. Hope yall are having a wonderful time.


KC said...
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Life Unscripted said...

Those are adorable photos. Hi, my name is Jenna, you don't know me. I am a friend of Tanner and Avery's, Bela and my daughter were born the same day, both with special hearts. I have been by your page many times. Annabelle was a beautiful words I can say can tell you how sorry I am for your loss. your son is adorable also...such a beautiful family you have.

Jenna & Lilyana

Jonathan said...

what a blessing! our tanner had a disposable camera at children's in boston, and we found a couple treasures in there as well. pictures are sure a blessing.

Linda said...

Everytime I check your Blog I am touched. Your family is still touching so many people in such special ways.
Love you,

♥ Michele ♥ said...

What precious pictures, even through the fuzz!! Hope you're still holding on.