Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Beautiful Song

Please take a moment to watch this video. The beautiful mother in the video is a new friend of mine. Her husband, Todd, is in the Christian band Selah...the group singing the song. Audrey, Angie and Todd's daughter, and Annabelle have long been friends in heaven and are experiencing so many glories in the presence of our Lord.

Thank you, Precious Jesus, for choosing me to carry Annabelle. May I praise You everyday for the blessing and sweet gift that she was and will always be to me.


Katie said...

I'm so grateful that you found Angie...I read her entire blog a couple of weeks ago (advice from a friend) and like your story of Annabelle's heart journey, I've learned so much through the story of Audrey. Thank you for sharing the video and may you find much support and comfort in your friendship with Angie. I can just see your sweet angels dancing with Jesus in heaven. Take care~

Anonymous said...

I too am glad that you found Angie. I have actually been reading her blog spot since before Audrey's trip to Heaven. God has blessed both of you beyond measure. And now you can rest maybe a little easier knowing that Annabelle has a special playmate.

Anonymous said...

My name is Stephanie Carraway and my son, Payton, has HLHS. He is 17 months old now. He had his glenn done at MUSC on February 12, 2008. According to your blog, you were in the PCICU with Annabelle around that time. I remember seeing you with your husband and son. Payton had another surgery on May 12, 2008 on his spine and was put back in the PCICU and we received one of the Annabelle Baskets. Thank You! Please check out Payton's Caringbridge Site at

God Bless!

Lindsay Dean said...

Hi Rebecca!
I too am glad that you have found Angie and her family. I read this blog just before having Lindsay and oh how it has touched us so! They are a beautiful family and I think of them often as I do all of you and Annabelle. My heart still aches for all of you and I'm glad that you are finding all of this searching theraputic. I am so lucky to have found you and your family. Your words and scripture verses on the blog get me through more than you know. Just knowing that you check in on us means allot to our family. You are an amazing person!
Love, Suzie

Johanna said...

I love to Check Angie's blog too. She is such a beautiful writer. I am so glad you two have become great friends. Love,

Linda said...

Beautiful Video!
Linda Green

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story of love and hope. I'm so very glad that you have such wonderful and caring friends with which to share your thoughts and feelings ...

Much love to you always,


Cami said...

Thank you so much for your strength.
You are helping so many stay strong!
I love the messages of hope you continue to leave us all.
Thanks so much,
Cami Lindquist

The Andersens said...

our address is
650 S. main St.
Apt #9202
Bountiful Utah, 84010
in case i haven't already mentioned it, I admire what you are doing in remembrance and honor of Annabelle. It is amazing when someone can take such a painful experience and use it to better the lives of those around them that are in need. you are an example to so many people, and most definitely to me. thank you! and thanks for checking in on Grace. she can use all the thoughts and prayers she can get. :)

The Simmons Family said...

I watched the video and song ... CRIED AND CRIED... what a beautiful story!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been trying to find a way to privately email you. Is that something I can do? I have a son with HLHS and TA and he is almost 4. We just brought him home from China in January, and I struggle so much with the thought that so many people that we will NEVER know put so much time and energy and love into getting him to a point where he could be adopted, and we are reaping the benefits of a healthy (for now) little boy. My husband and I would like to do something to carry on this legacy of love.

You can email me at

Thank you!

The Andersens said...

we got your sweet package yesterday. thank you so so much. it was fun to come back from our quick hospital stay and have sweet little things to put on Grace. I love her immediately reminded me of your angel Annabelle and I cried for a minute thinking of how sweet and selfless you truly are. It amazes me that you have the courage to do all that you are doing. I only hope I can learn from you and try to do my part for the families around me as well. thanks again for Grace's sweet little care package. you're wonderful!