Monday, June 30, 2008

Take a look at this little beauty...

I just got this picture via email from Emerson's mom, Erica, and I just had to share it!!! This is so special to me...other than the obvious reasons that Emerson also has HLHS and is very dear to our family. The week before Mary Clare's party I was having a tremendous urge to buy girl stuff. Afterall, God had prepared me for 9 months to doll up my angel. So, I figured that I would go out and buy something for Mary Clare. However, when I got to my favorite little girl's boutique I came across this precious little outfit. I had already picked out Mary Clare's little bloomer set but I just had to get this one, too. (Plus, the owner was giving me a great discount as it was my first visit back in her store since having Annabelle and I told her I was shopping for her heart sisters.) I knew right away that this was for Emerson. So, this picture is everything that I needed to see today and begin another week...knowing that God is putting such gracious people, like Erica, in our lives to allow me to love her daughter and dress her up when that's so much of what I want to do right now to my own little girl. I am overflowing in joy!


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful outfit! I continue to check your blog at least 3 times a week so please do not stop posting!! We think about you often and pray that you, Scott & Wyatt continue to have strength. We love you all! Allison, Kyle, Kayla & Kinslee

Erica May said...

Rebecca, you were so sweet to think of us and Emerson wore the outfit with pleasure!! I am so thankful for you!!!
Much love!!!

Anonymous said...


First of all, I absolutely love the little angel, she is so sweet. Everytime I read Annabelle's page I am inspired by your strength, it brings to me to tears. You (and your sweetheart) are such an inspiration to us all..

In fact, my sister is going through an extremely tough time with her newborn (Lana). She had to have 98% of her pancreas removed...My sister was so depressed that she started loosing her faith...I told her about your site, and that God has a plan for us all...after reading, she called me later crying and told me how your writings had given her "A new faith in God, and appreciation for life.." she realized how negative she had become, and agreed that she would be more appreciative for every day that she is able to spend with Lana..

So, please continue with your inspiring words, please know that by continuing Annabelle's story, you are touching the hearts of so many people!!

Much Love!!
Shanlee Perrone

The Ridgway Family said...

Emerson looks absolutely darling in her outfit. Our second daughter is an Emerson as well. Our little baby Eden , born on the 29th of February is fighting for her life in the hospital with a very rare form of heart disease. She has been through 2 OHS, the last being 2 weeks ago and 11 hours in length and is trying her hardest to get better. She also has Down syndrome, which gives her her beautiful almond eyes.

I find so much strength and joy reading your blog and I know that Annabelle is an inspiration to many. We do not know what the Lord has in store for our Eden, but we know that He does have a plan for these special babies and I believe that they are some of His most noble.

Thank you for your faith and for sharing in the special bond we have a heart mommies.


Anonymous said...

You are truely amazing!! I look at your blog weekly and your faith and determination really amaze me! You have so much strength and your love for our Savior is wonderful. You are such an inspiration to all of us moms! Thank you for such wonderful stories.
Your friend from Utah