Friday, March 07, 2008

Updated Pictures

Here are a few new ones. Bath time, Wyatt holding Annabelle, Coming Home and one of the last days at MUSC

I need to add a quick note to my wife and son. I am so proud of you both. Rebecca you are such a great mother and a wonderful wife. I love you. I do not have the words to tell you how much God has blessed our family through your heart and love. Wyatt you are a great big brother and a wonderful son. I am proud of how well you are doing helping with Annabelle.

Thank you all for your prayers. Enjoy the pictures and please pray for all of the other children and families that are going through similiar trials like we have.


Julie Miles said...

Great pictures! Wyatt especially looks happy to have his little sister home finally! Looks like he's going to be a good little helper for mommy!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that Anaabelle is doing so well and looks so happy.I cant wait to see and hear from you again soon.
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