Monday, March 10, 2008

Annabelle on CNN's American Morning moved to next week

We just received an email from the producer telling us that Annabelle's story will air next week instead of tomorrow. Something about working on a script and schedule. Sorry for the confusion and we will keep you all posted.


marty said...

Good Morning to all!! Hope things are going great this week. My husband gets a magazine named "Pulpithelps" and the following quote is from the Feb 2008 issue volume 33, number 2. (long but worth your time)
"Praise: Mother of Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow Rejected Doctor's Advice to Abort Him"----If Tim Tebow's mother had followed her doctor's advice when she was carrying him,he would be just another abortion statistic today,instead of the award-winning quarterback of the University of Florida fooball team. Tim's parents, Bob and Pam Tebow, moved to the Phililplpines in 1985 to conduct a Christian missionary outreach. While pregnant with Tim, Pam contracted amoebic dysentery through contaminated drinking water. Her doctor told her that the medications she neded to recover would result in irreversible damage to the child she was carrying.She was advised to have an abortion. She refused, and Tim was born healthy and robust in 1987, His mother described him as "skinny,but rather long." today he stands six-foot-three,weights 235 puonds, and has been described as a physical and athletic phenomenon."

I know there are many stories like this and i'm sure one day Annabelle Lynn Butcher will have such a story. God Bless the Butcher Family for their faithfullness to God's Word.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Butchers!!! Glad to hear things are well at home. We are continuing to think of you and pray for you. Take care! Love, Laurie Epting and family

Bob Couch said...

To the Butchers and Coles:
Just as Jesus went from the arms of Mary to the arms of God so has angel Annabelle gone from the arms of her mother to the arms of God. Just as Jesus rose again so will Annabelle to be with her family again. In the midst of grief, there is joy and hope for all Christians!!
Bob and Faith Couch