Saturday, March 22, 2008

Annabelle on CNN (again)!

We just got an email today that Annabelle's story will air on Monday (3/24) at 8:40am EST on CNN. We believe that this is the showing where Dr. Gupta will be doing a Q&A about HLHS. We just got the info on the time and, TUNE IN!!!


wahoolb said...

Happy Easter! Wanted to send my many Easter hugs to your family. Enjoy your first Easter with Miss Annabelle with many many kisses!
Raleigh and Stevie had a playdate Friday at Funzone and I thought of you guys. Hopefully we will see you guys out there for the kids to play!
Many Heart Hugs,
Leslie Ballard
Saving Little Hearts of SC

Erika said...

I taped CNN this morning but couldn't find it. It's up on the CNN website! Go to - it's in the third row, I believe.