Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Whirlwind Night & Day

Annabelle was moved back to the PCICU last night for monitoring. They gave her the extra dose to stop her arrhythmias and so far it seems to be helping. She had one more episode during the night but nothing that concerned the doctors. So, they felt comfortable moving her back to 7C this afternoon. We are in (another) room on the floor so we are very happy to be able to be with her around the clock again. She has had an extra heartbeat here and there but no more than 2 at a time which is a huge improvement over the 7 or more she was having yesterday. They are now keeping a close eye on her blood pressure since one side effect of the medication can be a lower pressure.
We didn't get moved back down to PCICU until almost 9pm. Then, we stayed for a while until she was settled and we felt comfortable leaving. Anyways, it was a very late night. We were back at the hospital early this morning for Annabelle's national debut. CNN shot Scott and me with her in the PCICU. We then met them at The Battery (Charleston Harbor) for an interview and some more video of us with Wyatt. Our piece us supposed to air within the next 2 weeks so we'll be sure to let everyone know. Also, the Post & Courier (Charleston's local paper) is going to have our article in this Sunday's paper in the Faith & Values section. Scott spoke with the reporter yesterday and was very pleased with everything he has put together. We are really looking forward to that one, too! Hopefully, there will be a link on their website so anyone can see it on there also.
Oh- one other fun thing...Jack Hanna (the animal guy) was here at the Children's Hospital this afternoon with lots of his animals. Scott, Wyatt, Grandaddy and I went across the hall to watch him this afternoon while Annabelle was taking a nap. Scott lucked up and rode the elevator with him and got personalized autographed pictures for us. Also, Scott was asked by Jack Hanna to be a "tree" during the presentation and had some furry critter from China crawling on his shoulders.
Happy Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Day! Heart hugs and Valentine kisses to you all!


Jessica said...

Wow! You all have been busy! I'm so glad Annabelle's extra heart beats have improved! We'll be looking forward to seeing you guys on CNN. That's really cool.:)

Anonymous said...

What a busy day! Glad y'all got a room so you will be able to share extra Valentine love with Annabelle. So glad that Annabelle's heart is regulating too-what an answer to prayer! I know it was scary so extra prayers were sent from Irmo! :) Cant wait to see you on TV
Love- xoxo
Karen, Nathan, Sarah, JC and Emma

The Hardy Family said...

You have had a busy few days, huh?! I'm so glad you were able to be with Annabelle on V-day in a regular room! What a blessing! Rebecca, you look so sweet with your 2 babies by your side. What a great feeling for you, I'm sure! Scott, we love the picture of you, too! :) Can't wait for your debut on TV! Prayers are still coming your way!

The Chavis Family said...

Ok that's enough moving around for a few days! I'm glad you guys got to have some fun too. Nice tree! :) It's really great that y'all are doing the CNN story. I know many people will find comfort in your story. We're still praying!
Love, Joe and Kim