Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still Waiting on a Room...

We are still waiting on a room on the "floor". Annabelle is ready to move but all the rooms are full on 7C & PCICU won't send her to another unit since 7C is specifically for pediatric cardiac patients. So, we're still waiting... I was a little disappointed that we didn't get moved yesterday since we had waited over the weekend but I know it's best for Annabelle to stay in PCICU (especially since the care is so wonderful there). I was really looking forward to spending our first night together. God continues to teach me patience through all of this.
Annabelle is doing welll with her feeds. They have compressed her to 1 hour feeds (which means she is getting what she used to get over 3 hours in 1 hour). They are going to try to get her down to 30 minutes today. She has a swallow study today at 2pm so please pray that it goes well and that she not aspirate. Since Annabelle has never taken anything by mouth, the speech therapist is going to watch her swallow a little bit of barium out of a bottle to see where it goes...hopefully down her throat to her belly and not to her lungs. If the swallow study goes well, then we can look at trying to give her a bottle. She sucks a little on her pacifier but gets tired very quickly. Also, she was put on prevacid and zantac for her reflux. She didn't have quite as many spit ups yesterday so hopefully it's working, too. We were told that it is very common for heart babies to have reflux. Just another hurdle to cross.
On a very positive note, I got to give Annabelle a "bath" last night for the first time! We had left the hospital to go to dinner and I just had to go back after we had eaten. So, Scott and Wyatt came back to the house to get Wyatt to bed and my Daddy took me back to the hospital. Just as I was walking in, Annabelle's nurse asked if I would like to give her a bath. She was getting everything together so I dove right in and did the whole thing myself. Annabelle cried through just about all of it. I told her that before too long she's going to be splashing around in our tub like her big brother. She wasn't amused. Then, I got to bundle her up and rock her to sleep for the night. It was so precious! Lord knows that I needed that time with her last night. One of the hardest things about all of this is my not being able to mother her as much as I want to. I have had my hands tied as to what I can and cannot do and that is very difficult after just giving birth. I know it's for the best right now but as soon as I get her to myself that little girl is never going to be put down!


Anonymous said...

I will say a special prayer at 2pm for Annabelle during her swallow study. I am so excited about how well she is doing and really hope you get a room soon. She is so beautiful and I love the pictures with her so wide awake! Kinslee loved the ones with all the heart stickers that were on her face and body. We continue to keep you in our prayers. Love, Kyle, Allison, Kayla & Kinslee

Mimi said...

It was so wonderful to see Annabelle, you, and Scott on Saturday! She really is a beautiful little girl, and just getting to see you cradle her in your arms was a special moment~
Know that you will continue to be in our prayers, and as each new milestone is achieved we are celebrating with you~
Much love~
Gary and Marie Hogue

Anonymous said...

We continue to praise God Annabelle and you all are doing so well! Will pray at 2pm today for her especially. Love the photos, keep them coming. Big brother sure looks happy to be one! Love, The Eptings

Julie Miles said...

Getting a room on the floor always takes time, it took us over a week, so just keep being patient and it will happen in God's perfect timing. I'll be praying today, specifically for the swallow study, I know what a big deal it is to pass. Ethan goes for his 3rd one on the 26th (2 weeks from today). Hopefully he'll pass it this time around. Feel free to email if you ever need to talk - you know how to reach me!

Anonymous said...

I talked to Granddaddy on Sunday.
He wonted me to tell you I needed to see a picture of him and Annabelle. Thanks for keeping us up with her progress. By now my prayer is for a room and news of the swollow test going good. The pictures are beautiful. I can just imagine how she looks in person, I am waiting patiently to for that day. All my love and prayers for all of you. If you awake around 2 to 3 in the am and have that warm fuzzy feeling, just know thats my best prayer time. All of you are the first on the prayer list. With love and prayer Bettie Carter

Anonymous said...

We will certainly be praying for both a room on the floor and for all to go well at 2pm. You're exactly right though, the PCICU is probably the best place for her right now. Again the pictures are beautiful!! Patience is a virtue! You will end up with more patience than you ever imagined possible!!!!

We send hugs and many, many, prayers!!

Betsey, Cooper, & Russell