Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Full-time Mommy Duty!!!

We have a room!!! Annabelle was moved yesterday around 1. It was quite a bit for her little body to take and she got really sick on the ride up the elevator. (Having the move occur during a feed and with terrible reflux didn't help either.) Once we were admitted on 7C, we had to go do the swallow study. Annabelle did great and didn't aspirate at all! The only not so great thing is that she only took 4cc's and got really tired really quickly. So, we are still working on her sucking reflex and trying to build her endurance gradually. The occupational therapist came again this morning to try to get her to take a bottle...she took a little and then dozed off into la-la land. They will be coming back again later today to try again.
We also learned that shortly after her big move yesterday, she had her first arrythmia episode. Basically, her little heart had an extra 4 beats that it's shouldn't have had. The attending MD said that he was just going to keep an eye on it. Well, we learned that she had another episode of 9 extra heartbeats during the night when they were doing rounds this morning. So, Annabelle has been put on some meds to help with that (prayfully). These are very scary but with God's grace He will stop these extra heartbeats. While her favorite PC, Dr. Graham, was visiting she had her first episode. We joked that he makes her little heart flutter! He is the PC that spent so much time with Scott and I when we learned about Annabelle's heart when I was 19 weeks and has been wonderful throughout all of this.
Scott, Wyatt and I have the first part of our interview with CNN this afternoon. They are going to meet with Dr. Bradley (Annabelle's surgeon) tomorrow morning and then interview Scott, Annabelle and me afterwards. We just pray that our story can give hope to anyone else going through anything like us. A precious comment from Avery Milne yesterday proves that we are already. Heart babies and heart families have instant bonds!
Please continue to pray for Annabelle's healing...specifically her feeding/reflux & extra heartbeats. Your prayers mean so much to us right now!

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Julie Miles said...


What an answer to prayer that Annabelle passed her swallow study! That is a big accomplishment for her, especially so soon after surgery! It's also exciting to hear that she got up to the floor too! We don't have cable so hopefully the CNN story will be on their website for us to watch. Happy CHD Awareness week!