Monday, February 18, 2008

A Few Pictures From Today

Annabelle is still doing well on the new heart medication and hasn't had any VTAC episodes since Sunday morning around 10:30. Praise God! The PC seemed very pleased with her recent EKGs. He ordered one more for tomorrow just to follow it for an extra day but feels that we have gotten those under control.
She also tried to take a bottle today. She did okay throughout the day but did the best yet this evening. She took a little over 10cc's from the bottle! Mommy sang to her the whole time and she just tuned in and went to town on that bottle. It looks like I may be singing a whole lot more! (Anything to get her to eat!)
We did have a little scare this morning...Annabelle woke me up with her soft little cry. She had decided to take her NG tube out herself in the middle of a feed. So, I jumped up to see her throwing up and her NG tube still taped to her face but most of the way out of her nose. She looked so scared. Somehow I managed to pick her up, catch her throw up and page the nurse to help us. Thank goodness she didn't pull it out too far...the milk still managed to make it to the stomach and not the lungs. She was sick for a little while after that & has been in a straight jacket all day (just kidding). I have had to make sure to have her hands tucked away. She is a feisty little thing!
Please continue to pray for her to feed well...I think that's what is keeping us here & boy would we love to be home!


Julie Miles said...

What great pictures of Annabelle today! Still praying for her to take more interest in feeding - Ethan struggled with it up until about 3 1/2 weeks old, then just went to town one day and has been at it ever since. It was getting off the oxygen than ended up keeping us there a couple extra days after we got the NG tube out. And if you have to go home on the NG tube, it won't be the end of the world.Getting trained in placing the tube was a little awkward at first but I know you can do it if you need to!

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt, and Annabelle, We are so excited that Annabell is doing better. We know you can't wait to go home to a normal life. We pray for Annablelle everyday and can't wait to meet her. We hope she continues to improve. We love you. Love, Marshall, Leah, and Carolina French

wahoolb said...

Praying and Praying for Annabelle to get better at eating so you all can go home. Raleigh kept us down there for extra days because he was not eating and that was the last hurdle to jump before we could go home. Since Raleigh had never eaten, he just couldn't grasp the concept and finally he got it after many binkis dipped in the sugar stuff they gave us and a pretty nurse on 7C that he finally ate for! I remember we tried everything but he just finally got it! We too had to keep his hands nustled up in the blankets, Raleigh kept pulling his tube out and scared us a couple of times.
Praying and praying she finally gets it and masters this eating thing so you all can go home and she can enjoy her life at her home and not the hospital!!!!

Sending many heart hugs,
Leslie Ballard
Saving Little Hearts of SC

Anonymous said...

It sounds like that little princess is ready to get those tubes out and go home too! Who can blame her. We're thrilled she's eating better. What precious pictures!!

We'll keep the prayers coming!

Heart Hugs,
Betsey, Cooper, & Russell (SLHofSC)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know folks in the Nesting Place are keeping up with you guys and praying for Annabelle! And so are Gary and I.
Love you,
Kathy Williams :)

The Chavis Family said...

I know you guys are ready to come home. I hope things go well with feeding today! We're praying for you all!
Love, Joe and Kim

Jessica said...

Hi Butcher Family! We've been out of the loop a few days. Our hospital internet access blocks blogger. :( I'm glad the new meds seem to be working. I know that is a huge relief for you. A helpful tip we learned for keeping the NG tube in (even though it doesn't look so cute) is to give her a little "tape mustache." I do it kind of diagonal across the little bit of tubing that's right next to her nose out of the tegaderm. It saved our sanity! You can look at Julianne's pictures and see what I'm talking about.

Still praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

What great news about the vtac episodes! What an answer to prayer!That last picture of Annabelle with the bib on- looks like she is talking! :) So glad that she is improving and eating and ready to get rid of those tubes. She is going to be quite a little lady!
Karen,Nathan,Sarah,JC and Emma

Mimi said...

So glad Annabelle is making such wonderful progress! You will be home before you know it! And all of us will be celebrating with you!!!
Keeping you close in our prayers!
Love, Gary and Marie

Anonymous said...

Great news about the new heart meds and the feeding!! Annabelle is such a little doll...I can't get over how cute she is! We're keeping you all in our prayers and know that you will be home soon!
Love, Casey, Laura and Hunter Phipps

Anonymous said...

Scott, Rebecca, and Wyatt, I've been checking on Annabelle's blog and I am glad to see she is doing rather well. Wendy, Bay and I hope she will continue to improve. She is such a darling little girl with wonderful parents. Hope she will get home soon. Love, John

marty said...

So happy with Annabelle's progress. God is so good!! Lots of us are praying here in NC. Thank you so much for taking time to update us each day. Glad to hear she is eating better. I must add.....she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

Kaden pulled his tube out more than once! Julianne's mama is right, the tape moustache works well for that. Oh these heart babies of ours are very particular! I praise God for no VTAC episodes!!! I can't wait for you guys to be settled in at home and snuggling with NO WIRES!!!!!

Prayers and Praise and many hugs,

Sara & Family

Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful...I know she enjoyed you singing to her...what kind of mother would you be if you couldn't catch vomit, call for help and keep a straight face all at the same time...we are praying for you and the progress your sweet girl makes each and every day...we miss you all and pray that you'll be able to come home soon so that we meet this angel in person...know how many lives you are touching with your faith...
love, heather fisher and her gang

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott, Rebecca, Wyatt, and Annabelle,
Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated about Annabelle's progess. The pictures are precious! I love the one with the bib that says, I love Daddy. She looks so alert. I'm glad she is fiesty! That means she is a fighter and she has certainly proved that to everyone. We are praying every day that Annabelle will be able to drink from the bottle, continue with NO Vtach, and that you all find the strength and stamina that you need to continue this journey. God is so good and He is able to do more than we can ask or think ----just as He has already demonstrated thrugh Annabelle's journey. You all are such incredible people and you inspire us every day! Keep the faith! Love to you all, Bobby and Kathy and Brittany

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, we are praying everyday and love each of you sooooo much. Annabelle, you are beautiful just like your mom. Give my Wyatt and Scott a BIG hug and please hurry home. Rebecca, God is so good and he will se us thru and we are so proud of you.
Love you heaps,
Mike and Pam Blakely