Monday, February 25, 2008

Better Day

Annabelle is doing much better from last night and early this morning. She has rested most of the day with a little interruption for an echocardiogram. The doctors were trying to get her into surgery this afternoon to have the g-tube put in but decided not to push things. They ordered another echo to make sure her heart function had not changed over the past week before extra precaution that I am very glad they took. The blood transfusion seems to have helped. We haven't heard back on her lab work yet but her color has returned and her oxygen sats are hanging around 81-83% which is a great improvement.
Thank you for all of your prayers!


Avery said...

We continue to follow up on Annabelle's progress, and I am so glad to hear that she is still doing okay despite all her little road blocks. It is helping me so much to prepare for what lies ahead for us. Your strength is amazing and inspires me. I know that these babies are born with these problems for a reason that we don't fully understand, but God is in charge of everything. It brings comfort to us to know that as it has for you. We are scheduled to be induced in about 10 days (on the 5th of March), so we are trying our best to be prepared for this. Is there anything you wish you would have known before all of this began? I know your life is so busy right now, but it's so comforting to talk to someone who is going through a similar situation (right ahead of us). Our blog is and my email is I would love to just be able to communicate with you should we have questions that you might be able to answer for us if that would be alright with you. Thank you for your posts and we continue to pray for her well being as she deals with her blood transfusion and getting her G-tube. Hopefully you'll all be heading home soon.. I hope this has been a good day for her..
By the way, she is soo cute. She couldn't be any more adorable.

Sam said...

Rebecca and Scott,

I have been following Annabell's progress on your blog and also with Wayne. I am proud of you both. Your strength and courage are truly remarkable. We are looking forward to Wyatt getting back to Sunday School. We miss him. You are all continually in our prayers.

Sam Ayers

The Hardy Family said...

I'm so glad she had a much better day today and that the blood transfusion is working. We will continue to pray for you guys as always!

Anonymous said...

We are glad things are settling down after recent difficulties. We hope and pray Annabelle will continue improving this week, gaining strength and making progress. We are remembering all of you daily and truly appreciate you sharing your story with us. God bless you as you continue to inspire us & so many others! Love, Mike and Laurie Epting and family

Kathy said...

Lesli Lockwood at Lake Murray Elem, Chapin, SC teaches with my daughter. She sent an email requesting prayer for Annabelle. We have good friends, Mark and Laura Jervey, whose son, Luke, is at MUSC with a heart condition and is in the same unit as Annabelle. Maybe you can make contact and be support for each other. Our prayers are with you.

wahoolb said...

I am happy today is a better day and we are praying for Annabelle and hope all goes well with her transfusions and G-tube. Please give her a big kiss from us and a big hug for Mommy and Daddy. We are praying for you guys to have continued strength for your family, especially Wyatt and Annabelle!

With Many Heart Hugs,
Leslie Ballard
Saving Little Hearts of SC

Anonymous said...

Tears filled my eyes as I read your blog! How I remember those days, but as you saw from our website, things are "back to normal" after all of those long days in the hospital! I know you are going through such a hard time right now! I also have a (now 4 year old) who was 3 1/2 at the time of Mary Clare's Norwood. Not only seeing your baby go through so much but also being away from your "big baby" is so hard. I pray for health for baby Annabelle, strength and patience for you and happiness for your handsome son! What a beautiful family. I'm so glad to now "know" you. I'll be keeping up with you on the blog. I'd love to help in anyway! We're not too far from Chas, and fortunately we haven't been that way in some time. Our cardiologist apointments have been sretched to every 3 months!! We live in Hartsville, SC. (My email is down currently, but reach me through my husband's: Your baby girl is simply beautiful!
Love, Kerri Pennington

Anonymous said...

Feel free to post a link to our website on your blog. I know it helps family members and others to know about other HLHS babies who are thriving and doing well! Tell Bryna and all of the 7C "cruise directors" we said hello! (Mel my husband always refered to 7C as the MUSC cruise ship to nowhere.)

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