Friday, February 08, 2008

Answered Prayer

After over one week of having to look at our precious daughter, Mommy got to hold her today for almost 2 hours!!! It was wonderful! She slept and didn't make a sound. You could tell she knew exactly where she was and neither one of us wanted it to end. The PCICU ended up having a case coming back from the OR so all parents have to clear out. If that hadn't of happened, I guarantee I would still be sitting in that chair. Scott and I prayed specifically last night that we be able to hold her again. I knew that it would be in the next couple of days but it was an answer to prayer today. Thank you, Jesus!
Annabelle began the bolus feeds today. She did well most of the day but threw up this evening. The nurse has stretched it back out a little so she gets a little more time to take it all down. Pray, pray, pray that she is able to tolerate the feeds and can gradually be compressed to taking more at a time.
We were told today that we are in line to be moved to the "floor"! The PC doubted that he would move Annabelle over the weekend but thought Monday would be a good guess of when we would be moved. He thought that she would be ready to go tomorrow but doesn't want to rush it and would like to give her the weekend in PCICU to keep a closer eye on her numbers. By the first of next week, we could be living with her! The "floor" (or 7C as it's called at MUSC) is a step down unit that allows Mommy and Daddy to be more hands on and learn how to care for her before we go home. That is also where we will focus more on her feeding. The plastic sofa doesn't look too comfy but I would take just about anything to stay with her through the night.
On another note, Scott got to spend some much needed father-son time with Wyatt today. He took Wyatt to the parade at The Citadel for Wyatt to see the "army men". Wyatt hasn't stopped talking about it since! He loved all the "castles" and watching the cannons go off. This will probably become a Friday afternoon tradition for as long as we are here. Tomorrow should be another big day for Wyatt as his little girlfriend is in town and they will get to spend the day playing together. This is another answer to prayer as he has not had much time around anyone but adults the past two weeks...he is really excited about having a friend from home to play with.
Thank you, Jesus, for hearing our prayers!


Anonymous said...


Such a great note! I have big tears right now. I worked 15 hours today with a doctor in Rock Hill and just got home at 1 AM. I just had to go online and read about Annabelle. I am so glad that I did. Tell her that Aunt Laura loves her. Give Wyatt a big kiss as well.

Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

Our small group is all praying for Annabelle. I used to work with Laura and she sent me a link to the blog. God is in the miracle business! and we will continue to pray for your family.

Susan Whitt
Sugar Hill, GA

Jessica said...

yay! That's so wonderful that you got to hold Annabelle. :)

The Hardy Family said...

More wonderful news...I know you are beaming and can't wait to get on the "floor" to be able to stay with Annabelle and take care of her needs. I will continue to pray that this happens very soon! I hope you enjoy your visitors today! :)

wahoolb said...

YEAH!!! I am so happy to hear you were able to hold her. that is such an awesome moment!! We have been praying so much for your family and it was so nice seeing you guys yesterday. Please give Annabelle kisses from us and please give our love to your family.

Many Heart Hugs,
The Ballard Family
Courtney, Leslie, Raleigh and Stevie

Anonymous said...

Truly HIS hands are at work! Such wonderful news and progress! I will continue to keep your sweet family in my prayers.
Take Care -- Regan

Anonymous said...

It is so good to continue to hear good news from you. I cannot imagine how you have yearned to hold that little one. I look forward to hearing how the "move" goes.
Love & prayer,