Sunday, February 17, 2008

Annabelle's Story in Charleston Post & Courier

Here is the link to Annabelle's story in today's Charleston Post & Courier...

We are so pleased with Adam Parker's work and documentation of her journey so far. Hope you all enjoy it, too!


Anonymous said...

This is such a moving account of your journey with Annabelle thus far. Her photos are so touching and now this account...My heart is, and has been, with you all. God's face is surely shining upon you.
Love & prayer,

wahoolb said...

Thank you for sharing the article, I really enjoyed reading it, printed out to keep and have posted the link on Raleighs carepage for other families to read. Thank you for doing that. I am back on line finally and have enjoyed all the new pictures! Your family are lovely and you all have our love and prayers. I am so glad you are on 7C so you can be with her. Please give her a big kiss from us and tell Scott looks like he was a good tree :)

Many heart hugs,
The Ballard Family
Courtney, Leslie, Raleigh and Stevie

Anonymous said...

I am so happy your story is being shared so it can hopefully help other families in your situation. It was a very well written article and an accurate account of what truly is happening which can sometimes be rare these days!! We continue to think about you and pray everything continues to go as well as it has so far. Stay strong, we love you, Allison, Kyle, Kayla & Kinslee

Linda said...

I just found out about Annabelle today. I have had your family on my mind lately and I guess this is why. She is beautiful. I'm going to take some time to get caught up on things by reading all of the BLOG. Know that we are praying for you all and I will spread the word at Chapman.
Love you,
Linda Green

Linda said...
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Anonymous said...

The article in the paper is wonderful! How wonderful it will be for Annabelle to be able to look back over all of these articles and tv clips when she is older! She is our little star!!!!!! Thank you so much for keeping us updated through your blog. We love reading it daily and praying for your specific requests. Hoping and praying you can come home soon!! Love, the Gilliams

The Hardy Family said...

Wow, that was a wonderful article! I really enjoyed reading it and how it portrayed the reality of what you all are going through. Annabelle is an amazing little girl who is fighting through so much. I will be praying that she succeeds in her bottle feeding this week! Looking forward to seeing more sweet pictures of her!