Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Gift from God

Yep! We got to hold our daughter today...not once but twice!!! We went in to see Annabelle this morning and much to our surprise the nurse asked if we would like to hold her. OF COURSE!!! So, we counted it a tremendous blessing since we were told that it would probably be the night before surgery before we could hold her. She immediately knew she was in Mommy's arms and settled right in to snuggling. Then again this evening, we were told we could hold her again! This time Daddy got in on the action and held his daughter for quite a while. There was some definite love going on between those two! She has been making little grunting and squealing sounds but didn't make a peep when she was in our arms. Today was a blessing!

Surgery has been scheduled for Friday...please be in prayer for this big day in our lives. There is an outside chance that Annabelle's surgery may be bumped to Monday if another child needs surgery immediately but as long as nothing changes we face our next giant then.


Jessica said...

What a great moment to be able to hold your baby girl. :) I'm so happy for you all. I will continue to pray for Annabelle and all of you as you continue your journey with her.

The Chavis Family said...

We are so excited you both got to hold her. What a great bonding time! :) She is so beautiful. We will continue to be in prayer for your family, Annabelle and her doctors during surgery.
Love, Joe and Kim

Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you all. I know you were thrilled to cuddle you precious little bundle. She is absolutely beautiful! Love the big pink bow...the first of many :) We will continue to pray for Annabelle's surgery, the family, and the doctors and staff.
Love, Don, Cricket, Morgan and Gavin

Anonymous said...

What a blessing for you both to get to hold her!!!! She looks wonderful and so much at peace in your arms! Again we send our thoughts and prayers to y'all!! Stay strong for each other and most of all that sweet baby Annabelle.
Much love,
Betsey, mom to Cooper (14 months-Congenital Cardiac Hemangioma), and wife to Russell (proudly members of SLH/SC)

wahoolb said...

Congratulations on having that wonderful moment with Annabelle. Brings back memories when I first got to hold Raleigh just moments before his first OHS at 5 days old. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment with us! I have the prayer circle activated for Friday or Monday for Annabelles surgery. Please know we all have our arms around your family with our prayers. Please give Annabelle a big kiss for us!

Sending Heart Hugs,
The Ballard Family
Courtney, Leslie, Raleigh and Stevie

Anonymous said...

Annabelle is absolutely beautiful!! We just got home from Florida late last night and I was so thrilled to check my email and your blog to read all of the good news and see the precious pictures of Annabelle! We are so happy for you and will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to meet her!
Much love, Caroline & Chuck

Julie Miles said...

What a blessing to get to hold your sweet Annabelle - especially since it was earlier than you originally thought! I know you're making the most of every moment together. You all are in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day. We're especially praying for peace for you all as you get ready for the surgery.

Terri and Eddie said...

Annabelle looks so peaceful and content! She already looks so much like the entire family. Mom, Eddie, Aimee, Tolson and I are keeping you close to our hearts and in our prayers- especially for the surgery on Friday. The scripture verses you have selected for your blog are perfect. See . . baby Annabelle is already a spiritual inspiration to all of us in so many ways!
The Goleys and Mom

The Hardy Family said...

What a sweet picture of the 3 of you! That is so exciting that you got to hold her unexpectedly and that she knew that she was in her mommmy and daddy's arms! What a blessing. We will be praying for Annabelle and the doctors on Friday as they perform her first surgery!
Robbie and Lea

wahoolb said...

Wanted to let you know that we are all praying for Annabelle, the surgical team that will be working with her and the doctors perfroming the surgery for tomorrow! We are also praying for strength for Daddy, Mommy and all your family at this time. We hold you up with prayers!

Sending many Heart Hugs,
The Ballard Family
Courtney, Leslie, Raleigh and Stevie

Anonymous said...